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  1. Bruce Ross

    The Pulverisation of Australian Rugby

    pulverise (iz), v. 1. v.t. Reduce to powder or dust; (fig.) demolish, crush, smash. 2. v.i. Crumble to dust. {ME, f. LL pulverizare] Rebels, Force granted foreign recruit concession BY:BRET HARRIS From:The Australian June 08, 2013 12:00AM THE ARU has granted Super Rugby expansion...
  2. Bruce Ross

    The Totality of Tony McGahan's contribution to Wallabies' rugby - a report on the first year

    When, back in March this year, the Irish Times scored a world scoop with the news that Casino John O'Neill had managed to lure Tony McGahan back to our shores the excitement was palpable. Somewhat worryingly for a man of my years, I can recall being in a state of tumescence for quite a few days...
  3. Bruce Ross

    Learning from the enemy – an affordable Third Tier competition

    The AFL has set up in the non-traditional Aussie Rules states a Second Tier competition which has some features which could be adapted to create a viable Third Tier competition for Australian rugby. The NEAFL competition operates across Sydney, Brisbane, the ACT and the Northern Territory. It...
  4. Bruce Ross

    The Tom Carter incident

    A courageous and well argued response to the viciousness of the attacks on Tom Carter this week from Drew Mitchell writing in the Daily Terror this morning:
  5. Bruce Ross

    Drugs in sport

    It is literally decades since I had any respect for what track sprinters do. I have always held the view that the reason Ben Johnson was outed was that he was probably the only one in the final who didn't have access to the latest gear. Carl Lewis - give me a break. I claim no expertise in...
  6. Bruce Ross

    Where the f--k is Webb Ellis?

    Hopefully this hasn't been previously posted: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WazeyJtY7UQ&feature=player_embedded
  7. Bruce Ross

    Why is Tom Carter unpickable?

    There are a couple of threads currently running such as "Wallabies Trinations Squad" where it seems to be common ground that Tom Carter is not worthy of any consideration for the national squad. For the centre positions all manner of names have been proposed, including players who have rarely...
  8. Bruce Ross

    The linguistic skills of our national coach

    In today's SMH: " The first time Robbie Deans saw Palu play was on February 12, 2005 during a trial match between the Crusaders and the Waratahs. The breakaway dominated with powerful runs and thumping hits, and was named man of the match as NSW won. "Asked who stood out for the Waratahs...
  9. Bruce Ross

    The spirit of French rugby

    I'm not sure why one of our resident Francophiles hasn't alerted us to this highlights package - a classic exposition of free flowing French rugby. It occurred when Bayonne visited Perpignan for a Top 14 clash last month. The visitors were welcomed with a chorus of jeers and boos as they took...
  10. Bruce Ross

    How are World Cups won?

    Australians have an obsession with try scoring. We tend to ridicule games which are won by goal kicking and outraged by victory being snatched through a drop goal. There is great excitement that we have quite a number of young backs who can score dazzling tries, and there is anticipation that...
  11. Bruce Ross

    French diplomacy - Lievremont tells it like it is

    You've got to love the French.
  12. Bruce Ross

    Wise words at the post-Bledisloe IV press conferences

    With rugby being the most cerebral of sports, post-game press conferences in our sport are usually characterised by eloquence and erudition. By all reports Bledisloe IV was no exception. Richie McCaw set a high standard with his pithy: "When you have a bad day at the office you just have to...
  13. Bruce Ross

    Physical imposition rugby – the Sydney University system

    I wonder how many people watching the 2010 Sydney Premiership Club Grand Final realised they were seeing a classic demonstration of a profoundly revolutionary style of play that I have termed “physical imposition rugby”. The clash of Australia’s two most historic and successful clubs saw...
  14. Bruce Ross

    The Wallabies - sprinters not stayers

    Two months ago, before the start of the Bledisloe series, I posted an article titled “Wallabies: the right conditioning for the 3Ns?” in the Forum section of this site. I started off by pointing out: “A characteristic of the Deans era Wallabies is their seeming inability to sustain their...