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  1. Baldric

    Special jerseys for props

    From Rugby365 Special jerseys for Varsity Cup props The 2014 Varsity Cup will feature a new jersey for props to wear which was designed with the help of South African Referees and will make binding in scrums easier. Much has been made of the difficulty props experience in binding on the tight...
  2. Baldric

    RWC QF1 In Wellington

    The game is Winner Pool 1 v Runner up Pool D. Sat 8 October at 18:00 Aisle 21, Row D, Seats consecutive Will sell all 4 or in pairs. AUD 255 per ticket
  3. Baldric

    SA V Aus - The ref

    What did everyone think of Barnes on sat. I thought he was OK around the field, but his rucks and mauls were a lottery. Last week we had clear and consistent policing of the breakdown and after 10 minutes the teams were mostly complying. Sat night was a shemozzle.