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  1. Jnor

    Thoughts on Folau to rugby

    Given there's not much on-field action worth talking about, I thought this might be worth it's own thread. With the stories floating around in the last couple of days about the problems getting Folau back into the NRL, what are the chances of getting him back to rugby instead - and would it be...
  2. Jnor

    Bam to Brumbies?

    No serious developments as yet but Apparently Poey has agreed to talks with the Brums. Obviously it'd be a great win for them from a player point of view but I can't really see it happening given that Mowen is the new captain in the Berra and Pocock is the new captain in Perth. The Brumbies...
  3. Jnor

    Motorcycles - Bikes and Riders

    As much as I think it's great that a bunch of you guys are committed athletes and like to use your own steam to push your bikes around, is there anyone who likes to use fossil fuel instead? To kick things off I've been riding for a bit over three and a half years pretty much every day. I've...
  4. Jnor

    Spirits thread

    Do we have a whiskey/spirits thread around here? I'm quite partial to a decent single malt (been drinking at a place called the Baxter Inn here in Syd http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/70/1632889/restaurant/CBD/The-Baxter-Inn-Sydney) and came back from Mexico with a new-found appreciation for tequila...
  5. Jnor

    Graham Henry steps down

    So it looks like smug Ted has hit retirement age, wonder where to for the bloke now? http://www.abc.net.au/news/2011-11-01/henry-stands-down-as-all-blacks-coach/3612368
  6. Jnor


    So I know a few of us are quite partial to what's probably the best thing to come out of South Africa since Clyde Rathbone so I figured it deserved a thread. I get mine from Springbok Delights here in Syd (Lane Cove) and have heard there's a couple of good places up in St Ives that I haven't...
  7. Jnor

    Rebels v. Force MOM

    Can't see that anyone's started this yet. There may have been a reason for that but here goes. Rebels: 3. Mortlock (struggling here) 2. Delve 1. Gerrard Force: 3. Stannard 2. Sheehan 1. Smith
  8. Jnor


    Ok chaps, I'm flying out to Heathrow from Sydney this arvo with the girlfriend for a couple of months around Europe. The plan so far is London for a couple of days, up to Edinburgh for Hogmanay, visit some friends in Glasgow, then across to Frankfurt, down to Salzburg, Slovenia maybe for some...
  9. Jnor

    Cheap way to RWC?

    Anyone heard anything about this programme? Sounds like it could be a decent way to get over to NZ on the cheap next year and soak up some of the RWC atmosphere at worst and get to see some great games at best. http://www.newzealandnow.govt.nz/new/DOLI271_RWC.php?
  10. Jnor

    All Blacks EOYT

    Is anyone else looking forward to seeing the darkness come out on saturday against the poms and absolutely slaughter them? They're gonna be hurting big time after HK and looking for the nearest target to prove to themselves they're still the best (which, of course, they are). Should be a good...
  11. Jnor

    Australia's Choice

    I'm sure a bunch of you have already seen this (if it's already been in the forum I've missed it) and voted for David Pocock, I mean... um, whoever you think is the best Wob of the year but here it is anyway... http://www.rugby.com.au/qantas_wallabies/fan_zone/australias_choice,109098.html
  12. Jnor

    Position Vacant:

    http://www.smh.com.au/rugby-union/union-news/wanted-assistant-for-deans-willing-to-travel-20100913-159ci.html So it seems that Richard "why would I know, I'm just the skills coach" Graham won't be participating any further with the Wobs and we need a new bloke for the HK Blede and EOYT...