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  1. Lee Grant

    HSBC Womens Sevens R5 - Clermont

    Tim Walsh has chosen his strongest team for the final tournament of the season, in Clermont. Ellia Green and Evania Pelite have returned from injury and so has co-captain Sharni Williams who was crocked in the opening round at Dubai in December. The squad: Shannon Parry, Sharni Williams...
  2. Lee Grant

    HSBC Women's Sevens Rd. 4 - Canada

    Coach Tim Walsh is resting three of his top players, Charlotte Caslick, Alicia Quirk and Emma Tonegato, for the Canada Sevens to be held at Langford next weekend. Caslick and Tonegato were the Player of the Final and the Player of the Tournament in Atlanta, respectively. It is a bold step...
  3. Lee Grant

    HSBC World Womens Sevens R3 - Atlanta

    The weekend after next the Womens Sevens Series will have its 3rd round in Atlanta at the same time as the men are having their 7th in Hong Kong. I know there is not much interest in women's rugby in the forum, but if you don't have time to view both, but want to watch the Aussie team more...
  4. Lee Grant

    Aussie Super Rugby trials

    Somebody asked if a thread for trials should be set up. I didn't think there'd be enough traffic for each trial so I said I would start up one for all Aussie trials. Maybe it's a wrong call but here it is. From a Waratahs' point of view I think they are considering the second and third...
  5. Lee Grant

    The Tuesday Top Five

    We try to put out a blog every Tuesday about five things that would be of interest to the readers out there. They are not all about Super Rugby, or test matches when they are on: just five topical things—one could be on a club game or schools game the writer went to but there was a matter of...
  6. Lee Grant

    Rats Academy

    I hear that the Rats are doing well in getting new sponsorship and will set up an academy - and also one in Melbourne. Talk is cheap though - let's see the details. .
  7. Lee Grant

    Links to NRC games

    This is belated but please give links to view NRC games that are not on Foxtel in this thread. Thank you.
  8. Lee Grant

    GPS Athletics

    Alan Jones radio comments about the recent GPS meet: http://www.2gb.com/article/alan-jones-louis-stenmark#.U3MoYqa9LCQ .
  9. Lee Grant

    Ignore this thread - test only

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  10. Lee Grant

    Kings v Western Force - R2

    Not sure where to put this, but I'll put it here. I've just had a chance to look at the Lions v Southern Kings warm-up match which was played on the weekend before last in front over over 18,000 fans. The Lions are the team that have been relegated in favour of the Kings but they will have the...
  11. Lee Grant

    Which clubs are the Class of 2012 going to?

    For many 2012 rep players next year which be a dose of cruel reality. They will be playing with and against lads a year or two older and more hardened in that time. The older players will have the benefit of an extra year or two of gym work also - applied to an older body. The step from school...
  12. Lee Grant

    QLD Schools - Trial Games and Selections 2012

    There are threads for 2012 GPS, AIS etc and for Oz Schools as there are every year, but there is none for Queensland Schools. This thread should discuss likely selections in Qld teams, the trial games, and then the actual Qld. selections. Other stuff like play in the Oz Schools tournament...
  13. Lee Grant

    Waratahs v Tonga Trial - SFS - Friday 17th February

    Just starting a new thread for the trial. Here is the Tahs team which was posted in the Tahs 2012 thread: 1. Benn Robinson (Eastwood) 2. Tatafu Polota-Nau (Parramatta) 3. Sekope Kepu (Randwick) 4. Dean Mumm (Sydney University) 5. Kane Douglas (Southern Districts) 6. Dave Dennis (Sydney...
  14. Lee Grant

    Waratahs v Samoa Trial - Tamworth - 10th Feb

    Team details for the Tahs plus some other comments have been posted on the Waratahs thread but I thought that a separate thread was warranted. NSW Waratahs first-half team: Brackin Karauria-Henry, Lachie Turner, Rob Horne, Tom Carter, Tom Kingston, Berrick Barnes (c), Sarel Pretorius, Pat...
  15. Lee Grant

    Wallabies stuff

    Please use this thread for general stuff about the Wallabies this year so we don't create a thread for every little thing. Before starting a new thread think of using this one first and use your own discretion. This from FoxSports: Queensland Reds coach Ewen McKenzie warns Wallabies players...
  16. Lee Grant

    England - 6N Squad

    Part I Last week interim England coach, Stuart Lancaster, named a 32 man training squad, though others have joined it since because of current injuries to nominated players: Forwards (18): Props: A Corbisiero, D Cole, J Marler, M Stevens, D Wilson Hookers: D Hartley, L Mears, R Webber...
  17. Lee Grant

    France - 6N Squad

    There aren't a lot of surprises in the new squad. 12 are from the ace Toulouse team and Clermont have 7. Six test players who missed out on the RWC were recalled and 2 new players were also included: Recalled: 1.Vincent Debaty, 6/7 Yannick Nyanga, 10/12/15 Lionel Beauxis, 12/13 Yann David, 11...
  18. Lee Grant

    The Wallabies at the end of 2011

    Part I The Wallabies are 2nd in the IRB rankings, as they were a year ago, but I suspect that the high rating depended somewhat on the deterioration of some sides ranked below them. The team must not be too bad to maintain its place in the pecking order but I will mention a few problems...
  19. Lee Grant

    Things that get up my nose about rugby these days

    Part I Our sport is more enjoyable to watch than it was in the olden times when I was young, but there are a few things about the modern game I would rather be without. Some of them are trivial but hey, this is my thread. • The try celebrations Players in the old times were just as...
  20. Lee Grant

    Changes to the scoring of kicks at goal to be trialled

    Some people have argued that a try should be worth more points, and/or penalty and drop goals should be worth fewer. That would result in more tries being scored; it was a no-brainer. Others, like yours truly, have warned folks to be aware of unintended consequences. At present some teams...