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  1. RugbyFuture

    US College Rugby Player Paralyzed in national title

    Every rugby player, family and team's nightmare has come true in america for this family, thought I would post for awareness. http://mashable.com/2017/05/10/robert-paylor-cal-rugby-injury/?utm_cid=hp-n-1#sp692pCpNqqM
  2. RugbyFuture

    Proof Refs have been under the same pressures forever

    Was delving into the trove on rugby history and found this interesting article. I thought it would be interesting in light of criticism of Joubert's reffing in the semi's Decoded it for those hard of reading (to the best of my ability)
  3. RugbyFuture

    VERY IMPORTANT: Astro Boy now official mascot of Japan Rugby

    I reckon the SupeRugby team should be called the "astros" or "atomics" now....
  4. RugbyFuture

    NRC team of the week

    Thought since we're looking out for talent we should spot who should be in the team of the week. Starting off I'd put: Kellaway at 11 Debreznic at 10 Stirzaker at 9
  5. RugbyFuture

    Blatent self advertising (need "industry experience" pref in brand creation environment)

    http://gregoryjhatten.wordpress.com/ I need to organise industry experience for a bunch of weeks before I can graduate and have been looking at companies such as Landor, cato and interbrand. I figured I may as well stretch my branches out here and see if anyone could give me leads.
  6. RugbyFuture

    Sevens Rugby at Prairiewood high

    Interesting development, there are two things I take from this 1. The olympic program is working (even under the conservative auspices of the ARU 2. This is the greatest opportunity for the spread of rugby in australia, getting based in western sydney in female sports, rather than males...
  7. RugbyFuture

    problems with windows and doors

    this is going to sound really strange but its my final year project, so what are some of the major problems or wants you have for windows and doors, thats in a house, in another type of building or in a car, anyplace with them. would be a real help, cheers.
  8. RugbyFuture

    Best Audio format converter

    looking for something to mass convert (with metadata) WMA's to MP3's anyone know of a good one?
  9. RugbyFuture

    George Gregan, John Eales, part of Nine Broadcast team.

  10. RugbyFuture

    Tah Man Comp

    Personally, I'm more interested in:
  11. RugbyFuture

    Informational Flash interactive : The Rugby Rules.

    Right everyone, for interactive design I've been tasked with designing an interactive (flash) which tells someone how to do something. I have to "collect" market data for this. I've decided to settle on Rugby, particularly set pieces. So from the main it goes to backline movements and...
  12. RugbyFuture

    Stastics based points system.

    Ok, this idea came along to me whilst "watching" the stats and tweets on the reds v rebels game. And I'm not really mathematically nor statistics minded to instigate it. So what if on the side to the games we created a key to creating a "true" points system of a game, that is a system where...
  13. RugbyFuture

    So....Italy are gonna make it afterall?

    Does this mean that soon we will see Italy as the equals rather than the underdogs? does this spell good things for the system of bringing countries up to speed?
  14. RugbyFuture

    ARU gonna start cutting it up

    Sounds seriously stupid to me, but who am I to know.
  15. RugbyFuture

    Twitter working?

  16. RugbyFuture

    A Few good wallpapers.

    http://pinkrugby.com/2011/aussie-super-wallpaper whoever made them...WOW
  17. RugbyFuture

    more players than ever in 2010

  18. RugbyFuture

    Sydney Rugby Clubs Who should I play for?

    Right, looking to get into playing again, abit hesitant about how to approach choosing a good club. also getting another mate whos never played before, don't want him to have a bad experience. so, What clubs have good cultures out there for social playing prefferably surrounding the...
  19. RugbyFuture

    My public transport solutions

    Ill put more thoughts here, heres some maps I've been developing for some years. one is an expansion on the current heavy rail system. (still mapping it fully) one is a CBD isolated MagLev System. for the inner city, to get buses out of it. above or below ground, not on it.
  20. RugbyFuture

    The Australian Points out what we already knew; Giteau is close to signing in france