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    QLD U16s 2013

    Coaches will always have a bias towards the players they know. The bigger concern I see is using their position to influence players moving schools - best illustrated by Mason, Fox and Perese moving to Churchie this year where the coach has taken up residence.
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    QLD GPS Rugby 2012

    Any tip for TGS v Downlands?
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    QLD GPS Rugby 2012

    G Given Churchie won the 16As undefeated with 7 or 8 up in the 1stXV last year that almost got there, all the ingredients from a playing persepctive should have been there for an impressive year. I believe only two from the 16As have gone onto the starting side this year with imports taking...
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    RWC 2011 - Bitch, moan and discuss - Referees and Law Discussions

    Interesting - what makes you think you would have been appointed to these games. Sure the schools involved do appoint to B/C/D games but QRRA appoints to 1st/2nd XVs and all A games based on merit with seniority also playing a role but they appoint on a weekly basis depending on availability etc...
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    RWC 2011 - Bitch, moan and discuss - Referees and Law Discussions

    The referees are wired up with the Assistants Referees on the sideline. We have seen before that if there was such an obvious offside then one of the ARs would have alerted the referee and the penalty would have come. Perhaps suggests that the offside was not as obvious and only has gained some...
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    The Friday Quiz

    Laurie Weeks?
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    QLD GPS Rugby 2012

    Spikhaza - I admire your optimism regarding BBC 16As but the score in the Churchie game was 29-10 - not as close as you have portrayed and with more guns already in the Churchie 1sts already, they have a far better base to start with. Still, footy games are won on the field not in these forums.
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    QLD GPS Rugby 2012

    Churchie have a rightful claim next year with 6 to 7 1st XV players back from a team that ran second and an undefeated season in 16As -looks damn good pedigree to me for next year
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    Queensland U16 Team

    GTJack I think you must be confusing BBC with BGS - BBC 16As won 4 games GT/BGS/IGS/TGS but lost to BSHS/Churchie/TSS/NC. Their coach would say it ended as a reasonable season but looking at it, I agree it was an average season - they just beat the lesser teams by a maximum of 5 points...
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    The best XV of players from any school

    Chris Roche also went to BSHS going on same Aust Schoolboys tour as Wally Lewis and Ella brothers
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    Should we have a SH 5 Nations?

    And to add some spice, winners of SH 5 nations to play winner of NH 6 nations - we would soon see how accurate the predictions of Stuart Barnes are then.
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    AIC Rugby 2011

    Ashgrove Boy, i agree with you - it is not that Ashgrove is falling away but the other schools are now lifting their standards - great for the competition and it showed this year because this was the closest AIC has been to GPS at the top level for years.
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    QLD Premier Rugby 2011

    Matahere dabbled in league earlier in the year and has returned from the dark side
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    QLD GPS Rugby 2011

    If I recall correctly Terrace went up against a touring side from Victoria this week - has anyone heard the result from that one?
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    Australian U/19 v. England

    Given cost would be the isuue how about playing a interstate colts match as the curtain raiser to the club championship game
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    How can the Reds grow the game in Qld from this win?

    Success can also have the back up players seeking opportunity - we have already seen reserve half Prior and academy winger Kimami go to the Brumbies joining Crook from last year and another Qld product in Mowen. The other unknown is the impact of having a National Academy - Qld talent will...
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    Stuart Barnes is trolling once again...

    Games of footy are won on the field not in the newspapers - the NSW SOO side would be champions if they were based on the league writers! As others have said, dangerous to base judgement on one game and the pattern of play. Different team, different players, different coach, different tactics...
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    Wallabies Trinations Squad

    in the absence of Mitchell, does Davies (a favourite of Deans) with his speed move up the queue for a game?
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    Queensland Schools Rugby Merger Idea

    Sorry my error it was in 2007 and 2009 - all I meant was that these were non competition games where scores did not really matter and therefore I couldn't recall exact scores and the years as well obviously!! - I must be getting old Agree that Downlands would be a good fit in AIC which...