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  1. TheRiddler

    RWC Fantasy Rugby

    I've created a GAGR pool on Superbru. You've been telling everyone for ages that you a are better selector than Cheika/Foley/Graham/Deans etc and could pick the best team - now's your chance to prove it! http://www.superbru.com/rwcfantasy/pool.php?p=11472709 Pool name: GAGR Pool code...
  2. TheRiddler

    Singapore Session this Saturday

    Due to work commitments, I'm going to be in Singapore this Saturday. Am planning to find a bar showing the S15 semis, sit back and enjoy. Boomerang Bar at Robertson Quay is looking favourite at this stage but I welcome any other suggestions. Would be good to sink an ale or 5 with other GAGRs who...
  3. TheRiddler

    Aviva Premiership 2010-2011

    Flicking through my Foxtel EPG, I noticed that this weekend sees the kick-off of the English Aviva Premiership (formerly known as the Guinness Premiership) and also the Magners League (this year featuring the Italian club teams). Maybe my origins but I still love watching the northern...
  4. TheRiddler

    Twickenham Stadium Tour (and World Rugby Museum)

    Whilst I'm back in the UK for a few days on hols, I took the opportunity today of going on a stadium tour of Twickenham and visiting the Rugby Museum in the stadium. Cost was £14 which I thought was quite reasonable and the tour lasted 90 minutes. Just 10 or so of us in the group and the tour...
  5. TheRiddler

    Noise Cancelling Headphones

    Thinking of buying a pair for my forthcoming trip back to the mother country. Ideally looking for an over ear pair that wont give me too much grief on the flight but can also serve me well at home. Budget prob around the $300 mark but knowing me I'll end up spending more! Welcome any...
  6. TheRiddler

    Poll : Should the Wallabies revert to the old guard in the front row?

    Lots of debate in this thread as to the preferred makeup of the front row for this weekend. Sorting through all the various opinions, it seems to boil down to one of these options.
  7. TheRiddler

    Rugby League really gives me the shits

    For many a year, I have bitten my tongue at the deplorable antics of those idiots in that other code as they have tried their best, and usually succeeded, to bring the word rugby into disrepute not to mention me having to question whether Darwin had in fact got his theory of evolution. Sex...
  8. TheRiddler

    Tahs Player of the Season

    Now that the Tahs have been dumped, time to nominate your player of the season. Will be interesting to see how this reconciles with the 321s that have been collected all season. 3rd place : Kane Douglas - was given a chance and well and truly took it. Should be in the BaBas squad - at...
  9. TheRiddler

    Shute Shield 2010 Tipping

    Shute Shield Tipping Comp Week 1: Enter Now
  10. TheRiddler

    Tom Carter - love him, loath him or something in between?

    A valued poster has recently taken offence at the amount of Tom Carter baiting that takes place on this site. I am sure that for the large part, this is just a bit of juvenile fun. To prove me wrong or right, let me know your true thoughts.
  11. TheRiddler

    Tahs v Force

    So will an unchanged 22 also mean an unchanged 15? Will Anesi survive another week? Will Horne get a start? Will Mowen still be on the bench? Does Hickey still need to be taken outside and dealt with?
  12. TheRiddler

    Attendance Prediction : Tahs v Lions

    I know we already have the SuperBru tipping and FoxSports Fantasy but here's the latest GAGR competition; Guess the Tahs crowd. Well before last week's Sharks game, I said they would struggle to 20,000 and ended up with official figures of 20,651. Thats certainly a better performance than...
  13. TheRiddler

    Bill Mclaren

    Sad news overnight that the legendary and iconic Scottish rugby commentator Bill Mclaren has passed away. Truly a great man with a sublime and unsurpassed ability to eloquently talk about the game without going over the top. Mssrs Kearns, Martin, Bray, Handy et al have a lot to learn...
  14. TheRiddler

    Which TV to buy?

    OK, Mrs Riddler has acquiesced and allowed us (me) to buy a new flat screen TV ready for the new season. Foxtel IQ2 upgrade booked in and HD package signed up. The only problem remaining - which TV to buy? I am thinking the new LED TVs from Samsung and LG look the business. Very thin, great...
  15. TheRiddler

    Not another one?

    I see in news reports today that Johnathan Thurston is considering a move to this side of the fence when his current contract with the Cowboys expires next year. For gawds sake, noooooooooooooooooooo!! How many more fwits do we have to pander to? How many more muppets controlling our sport will...
  16. TheRiddler

    Reds v Tahs : Opening game of the season

    I know that there are other threads going examining the likely make up of the teams, whether Carter will ever play again, whether Cooper will be nervous at shower time and a whole host of other very important topics. However, I think a thread is needed for the actual game itself (yes, I know its...
  17. TheRiddler

    Goodbye Test Career

    Heard on the radio this morning Phil Waugh stating that he still believed he had an opportunity to play at test level and was determined to get his spot back in the squad. As much as I love him (in the nice man love kind of way), I think someone should do the decent thing, take Phil to one side...
  18. TheRiddler

    Gordon part ways with 1st grade coach

    Grumbles mentioned in his rumour section that a Sydney club team were about to lose their coach - looks like it was Gordon. This is a bit of a shock to me. Fear has done a great job over the past few years, qualifying for the finals series for the past two years with zero S14 players. Maybe a...
  19. TheRiddler

    Interesting perspective from across the ditch

    A colleague of mine from over there sent me this email this morning. Not sure of the origin of the contents but an interesting perspective. If the Wallabies applied the same thinking, I get the feeling we would be in an even worse situation than we are now.......
  20. TheRiddler

    Sydney Half Marathon

    Gents (and ladies) Apologies for hijacking the forum but it's all in a good cause. I'm running in the Sydney half-marathon on Sunday and, for a 42 year old bloke that is the wrong side of 100kg, I expect it to be quite a challenge. My nominated charity for the event is the Black Dog Institute...