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  1. HJ Nelson

    Super Rugby 2022

    Not good news for Western Force's trial games. Ballina v Drua cancelled, and v Reds looking doubtful https://thewest.com.au/sport/rugby-union/western-force-likely-to-go-into-new-super-rugby-pacific-season-without-a-serious-hit-out--c-5435902
  2. HJ Nelson


    RIP Meatloaf. Bat out of Hell ? Sure, but this will always be his best work.
  3. HJ Nelson

    Western Force 2022

    Just saw on Instagram (@qldgpsrugby) that Campbell Parata has signed with the Western Force. Haven't seen it confirmed by WF yet though. Will make the fight for #10 interesting, after 3 years with the Crusaders
  4. HJ Nelson

    Reds 2022

    Could just be related to this coaching clinic https://rugbynews.net.au/rennie-thorn-bennett-to-feature-at-grassroots-youth-rugby-coaches-forum/
  5. HJ Nelson

    World Sevens Series 2021/22

    Don't know what happened to that. Seems to be over?
  6. HJ Nelson

    Rugby 7s general chat

  7. HJ Nelson

    Rugby 7s general chat

    I knew the Aus and NZ legs had been cancelled, but didn't realize the NZ teams weren't playing for the rest of 2021 From: https://www.allblacks.com/news/hsbc-new-zealand-sevens-wont-happen-in-2022/ That must have been before (Sep 2021) the Australian teams committed to Dubai
  8. HJ Nelson

    Rugby 7s general chat

    Seems very quiet. Maybe the Marketing Pigeon has flown the coop ? Also, I think it is back to back tournaments in Dubai, so they may have bigger squads.
  9. HJ Nelson

    Rugby 7s general chat

    Haven't seen teams announced that have travelled to Dubai, but Ricky Stuart's son Jed is one of them https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nrl-premiership/nrl-2021-ricky-stuarts-son-picked-for-australian-rugby-sevens-side-jed-stuart-2024-olympics-tim-walsh/news-story/95f602c960703b7667a918e4f4c69b1d
  10. HJ Nelson

    Qld Premier Rugby 2022

    Photos from QLD State Sevens in Noosa over the weekend https://www.tremainfocused.com/post/noosa-sevens-day-1 https://www.tremainfocused.com/post/noosa-sevens-day-2 Teams: Sunshine Coast Stingrays, Bond University, GPS, University of Queensland, Brothers, Sunnybank, Easts, Souths, Wests...
  11. HJ Nelson

    GAGR Wallaby POTY 3-2-1s v SCO

    3. Hooper 2. Faingaa 1. Rodda
  12. HJ Nelson

    GAGR Wallaby POTY 3-2-1s v JAP

    3. Valetini 2. Rodda 1. Petaia
  13. HJ Nelson

    Qld Premier Rugby 2022

    Final day of Gold Coast Sevens https://www.tremainfocused.com/post/gold-coast-sevens-day-2
  14. HJ Nelson

    Qld Premier Rugby 2022

    Some photos from Gold Coast Sevens yesterday https://www.tremainfocused.com/post/gold-coast-sevens-day-1
  15. HJ Nelson

    Australian Rugby / RA

    My wife and I went to Georgia v Uruguay at the SFS, and I didn't think that was a sell-out :) Wikipedia tells me: Attendance: 28,576 Which is pretty good considering
  16. HJ Nelson

    GAGR Wallaby POTY 3-2-1s v ARG (2)

    3. Kellaway 2. Valetini 1. Cooper
  17. HJ Nelson

    Wallabies v Argentina Sat 2 October CBus Stadium

    I was up at their training on Tuesday. They have a big squad. They were doing opposed scrums with a full pack, plus a few extras. (that was after 2 injured players left to go home - Sanchez maybe one?) They are in a bubble, but not exactly a strict one. They also have 2 QLD liaison people. You...
  18. HJ Nelson

    GAGR Wallaby POTY 3-2-1s v SAF (2)

    3. Tupou 2. Kerevi 1. Ikitau
  19. HJ Nelson

    GAGR Wallaby POTY 3-2-1s v SAF (1)

    3. Cooper 2. Hooper 1. Kerevi
  20. HJ Nelson

    GAGR Wallaby POTY 3-2-1s v New Zealand (3)

    3. Tate 2. Kerevi 1. Koroibete