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  1. hawktrain

    Nz domestic rugby 2020

    https://www.nzherald.co.nz/sport/news/article.cfm?c_id=4&objectid=12332825 Beauden been busy in isolation!
  2. hawktrain

    Sydney Subbies 2020

    Anyone heard word on how many grades will be contested in each division given the shortened season/restrictions?
  3. hawktrain

    Shute Shield 2018

    Players fighting each other at Wests? When was that? Are Wests likely to compete in the comp next year given their financial situation or has that been sorted?
  4. hawktrain

    Sydney Subbies 2019

    Can anyone tell me which clubs/roughly what % of clubs are filming games in Subbies nowadays? I know at Shute level they're all filmed in all grades for analysis/judiciary purposes and a lot of country zones are following suit.
  5. hawktrain

    Declining participation and ARU plans for the future

    That's what NSWRU do currently - the state is split up into regions (I think there's 3-4 in Sydney, then Central Coast, Newcastle/Hunter etc - all of your zones for NSW Country comps), each of which has a full time DO. The full time DO runs the show and organises casual staff to help deliver...
  6. hawktrain

    NSW Country - - - NRC Official Team Thread

    2015 jersey designs are up on the Eagles facebook page. Very slick designs.
  7. hawktrain

    Why is Marto employed as a commentator?

    I'd personally love to see Kearns put his money where his mouth is regarding referees and get his ticket and do a couple of games. They could do it for a segment on Rugby HQ if they wish ala Sean Maloney. It would be interesting to see if knowing the laws improved his commentary at all.
  8. hawktrain

    Shute Shield 2015

    If you have a look at Bar TV's YouTube channel you can see the list of games they're broadcasting this week. All 5 games of the Newcastle comp to start, with one live with commentary etc plus numerous games of league, AFL and soccer across Newcastle and Illawarra. Really is a case of what...
  9. hawktrain

    Homophobic remark in Tahs Brumbies game

    Stopping people from saying offensive things isn't Pococks's 'agenda', it should be everyone's agenda. There's nothing wrong with what he did.
  10. hawktrain

    Shute Shield 2015

    Anyone know if 7 are going to put the game up on their catch up site?
  11. hawktrain

    ARU Junior Gold Cup - National Junior Championships

    On the refereeing, young referees have to gain experience at a high level at some point, and this is a perfect opportunity for them to do so. If we rely on the best senior referees to do these games, there's less development of younger refs and the next generation of top senior referees might...
  12. hawktrain

    ARU Junior Gold Cup - National Junior Championships

    Saw the U15 game, ACT very impressive. The standouts for me were the 7, the big lad who was stationed at the back of the lineout, and the 15. Glad to see the 17s wasn't as one sided.
  13. hawktrain

    Shute Shield on ABC TV

    It's a disappointing situation but ultimately, these type of outside broadcast sporting events are relatively expensive, and with the need to cut costs they were always likely to go. One would imagine that online distribution is the next step, with streaming and the like. Even if the ARU can't...
  14. hawktrain

    Why is Marto employed as a commentator?

    As much as I can't stand Martin, every time I watch an English test with the Sky Sports commentators, Stuart Barnes and the other bloke who's last name is Harrison I think, I'm actually thankful for Marto. They somehow manage to spew even more rubbish than him, which is a shame because Barnes...
  15. hawktrain

    Ideas for NRC 2015

    I've got enough ideas to get an unpaid internship. Some of them might even be good. Kit wise: - Get Brisbane wearing the away strip they wore in the semi on a permanent basis, with the gold jersey for clashes e.g. Qld Country games. - I like that North Harbour wanted to reflect their clubs...
  16. hawktrain

    NRC Crowd Watch

    Unfortunately(?) it seems the trend is for online live streaming of local content. Good for us viewers that we can see more games but not good for the comp financially.
  17. hawktrain

    NRC Semi Final - Melbourne Rising v Perth Spirit - Saturday 25 October at 3:30 pm

    Kearnsy needs a bit of a refresher on the laws, asking why Wykes wasn't penalised for not releasing in a collapsed maul...
  18. hawktrain

    2014 – ITM CUP - NZ's 3rd Tier Competition

    That's a good looking ANZ bank they've got there.
  19. hawktrain

    2014 – ITM CUP - NZ's 3rd Tier Competition

    WO has it, it's the John Cleese line. I have been to Palmy briefly a couple of years ago and had nothing against it. People were very nice, rugby museum was great, quite a nice drive from Wellington and back. Stoked for the bucketheads to have something to celebrate.