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  1. Elfster

    Rugby Events For Good Causes

    Not sure whether a thread exists, but I thought it might be a good idea to start a thread to highlight events that any Rugby Club or team has put on for a decent cause. Whether it is for an injured player, a charity or any worthwhile cause. If members of the Rugby community have selflessly.
  2. Elfster

    Pubs for the Lions' Tour

    Thought I would start a thread to allow people to recommend good places to watch the Lions. Apart from going out to the actual matches of course. It is also to nominate those few proper Rugby pubs in various parts. The places that will still show a game of Super Rugby in spite of the.
  3. Elfster

    Downloadable Rugby stats and results

    Does anyone know if it is possible to download all the scores, results, stats and the like for this year's Super Rugby? I want to practise some database skills and so why not on something useful, important, fun and interesting like rugby material. Thanks
  4. Elfster

    Rule interpretation - Rebels vs Force Rd1- Higginbotham's sinibin..

    I may be totally off the point, but could someone please clarify the penalty in the case of Higginbotham's sin- It isn't due to the actual sin binning, but where the resultant penalty kick was then given. The force got a penalty in front of the goal posts. A penalty kick was decided, then.
  5. Elfster

    Respect for Refs..an interesting article

    Found this article at the Daily Telegraph and thought it interesting and worthy for us at GAGR. While we do point out the foibles of the refs incessantly, this is one area where we don't want to go down. For all their faults, if you are a Rugby player, you should respect the ref who is allowing.
  6. Elfster

    Hatching Eggs.

    I am not having a go at anyone here, but after watching some Rugby over the weekend a couple of things became apparent to the as expert as one can be never having played Rugby at a Super Rugby level. For all the ambiguity, layered complexity and plethora of laws, Rugby can be a simple.
  7. Elfster

    Where to for quality Rugby journalism???

    Of course the answer is 'Green and Gold', but with the news from Fairfax today I fear that we may soon be seeing and reading less of the thoughtful, insightful, erudite, relevant, self-deprecating, knowledgeable and enjoyable pieces from some of our favourite Rugby journaklists: Grumbles, Fitz.
  8. Elfster

    What if Greg Growden was on GAGR??

    Whilst perambulating over various rugby issues during my afternoon work break, a rather dreadful thought overcame me. What if Greg Growden was a poster on 'Green and Gold'? It is enough reading his vacuous, smug, self-indulgent 'troll-like' irrelevance in the Herald on a regular basis, but.
  9. Elfster

    A question for doctors out there.metal versus natural..

    Mainly related to doctors, but if anyone else has a thought that could be helpful, amusing, interesting or whatever they can join in as well. I know someon who will soon be heading off for a "aortic valve replacement for biscupid aortic valve stenosis" Should they go for a metal valve or a.
  10. Elfster

    The psychology of penalties..

    On the back of various discussions on the refereeing, late game penalties, scrum penalties etc I just thought I ramble on about the psychology on the game of pressure, performance and penalties. the correlation of cause and effect, the chicken and egg.what comes first.. Most of the time.
  11. Elfster

    The briefest summary of round 3 from me..

    Just thought I would in an excessively succint manner post a few thoughts of round 3. The Kiwi sides seem to be stronger than the rest. They play at a speed and intensity that other sides can't reach at the moment. They are also very physical. Something seems to be wrong with the Force.
  12. Elfster

    (God) Help the Kiwi Olympic team..

    I just came across this: http://www.roddandgunn.co.nz/NZ2012 Olympic Competition/Information/392 From that fine clothing establishment 'Rodd and Gunn'. The aim seems to be designing a t-shirt offering support for their team.in their words "Get creative and support our New Zealand athletes.
  13. Elfster

    Can the G&GR Tipping Comp use the McIntyre System - Similar to League to determine the winner.

    Not sure how we would do it, but as you could get into the final 8 and be in with a chance with the (admittedly recently discarded) League system with a 50% success rate, I think we could give it a shot. Not that I am giving up or anything, but on based on my past week's form and a strange.
  14. Elfster

    Sydney Football Stadium vs ANZ/ Olympic/ Telstra/ Homebush

    They had a crowd of 32k out there on Saturday night.but what was the atmosphere out there like? having a similar crown at the SFS would have been quite atmospheric (even though Tah's supporters are generally quite quiet). I have always felt that you need a crowd of at least 50k out at.
  15. Elfster

    Confit Chicken Maryland Cooking Time

    Does anyone know the best time for do a swag of large sized chicken marylands confit style? I am using a mixture of duck fat and olive oli for the cooking medium. So far I am thinking of doing it at 85 - 90C in a fan-forved for three hours. Would anyone have any further ideas? Chef Google.
  16. Elfster

    Sideline Advertising Hoarding

    Is it just me, or is some of the advertising hoarding a little closer the the field of play in some of these games?? Apart from reducing the opportunities for quick line-outs, wouldn't it be a little dangerous?
  17. Elfster

    Danny Weidler

    One of those shameful things, admitting that you read his stuff, but check this out. "O'CONNOR'S LET-OFF WALLABIES players are privately fuming James O'Connor was only hit with a one-game suspension after embarrassing the team with his no-show at the World Cup squad announcement. They have.
  18. Elfster

    My personal request to the Wallabies

    Dear Wallabies, I will be the first to admit that I do not have your skills nor knowledge that, according to some, can be only gained by playing Super Rugby. In fact my Rugby playing claim to fame resides well in the past: back in 1983 and being part of a side that beat Joey's 16F's 73 to 0.
  19. Elfster

    Cool Photos

    Came across this, and being the caring, sharing type felt I should post it. Being a bit amateur photographer in a truly professional amateur way, that is I am crap, they are quite good. He obviously got rid of the bad ones, but yet again I am amazed how people manage to end up with photos with.
  20. Elfster

    William Webb Ellis Cup in Sydney?

    In one sense it would make sense having the thing go on a tour before the World Cup this year, but could anyone confirm whether the thing is actually in Sydney at the moment on tour. Apparently it is supposed to be "on display" at the Oaks at Neutral Bay this Friday. Haven't heard anything.