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    Podcast sound quality ?

    Hi Reg, Your sound quality on the podcast seems to be suffering recently ? There's lots of clipping on your mic while the others seem pretty good. It was very bad during the (excellent) Larkham interview. Anyway, love the podcast ..:cool:
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    Thank you Wallabies !

    I want to say a HUGE thank you to the Wallabies players, coaches, training personnel and anyone else involved for the AWESOME day they put on in Bathurst on Thursday. My sons under 9's team (Mudgee Wombats) was one of many that got to train with the crew and then meet the players for autographs.
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    Man Make-up

    Man make-up advertising during the Wallabies / France match ? Promoted in the chat by the commentators ? Really ?? Sorry, but make-up, hair products and snake oil for skin is for girls and having Dove and the like advertising during an international match is like screaming out to the world.
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    Music ???

    There's a classic rugby video in the comments following Bob's (cool) post on the 9/10 positions. Good footage, but the noise (music?) that accompanies it is the worst I've heard in my 50 long years and makes me REALLY BAD want an M16 and matching shopping mall. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, who in the.