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  1. rugbyisfun

    IRFU Release Club Sustainability Report

    Now this is how you show leadership. ARU take note. http://www.irishrugby.ie/club/news/29039.php
  2. rugbyisfun

    Get O'Neill onto The Rugby Club

    Who else reckons its time for O'Neill to get onto the Rugby Club to talk about the state of Australian Rugby??
  3. rugbyisfun

    Leadership in Australian Rugby

    Further to my previous rant in the the QC thread. Interested in hearing people's thoughts on the current make up of the leaders in different segments of our game. I, for one, am quietly excited about the Tim Gavin, Roger Davies, Michael Cheika, Alan Gaffney make up at the Waratahs. I would.
  4. rugbyisfun

    An Open Letter to the ARU

    How about we pen a collective letter to the ARU from the GaGR forum. Plenty of talent amongst the ranks in here. Would be interesting to see their response
  5. rugbyisfun

    Bledisloe Cup Festival

    In other news, the Bledisloe Cup Festival has been a huge success. Lisa Wilkinson and all the chicks are making a big difference in the game.We beat the AB's at the Golf Day.300 wankers got pissed at another one of those shit Friday gigs in town.
  6. rugbyisfun

    Wallabies Positivity Thread . .

    The Waratahs positivity thread was a good giggle, thought we may all like to have a go at a Wallabies one.?
  7. rugbyisfun

    Scots Refuse to Play Cranbrook

    Word on the street is Scots has refused to play Cranbrook this year breaking over 60 years of annual rivalry in the battle for Bellevue Hill. Apparently the last few years the game has also been a fundraising event for a well know charity. Instead Scots chose to play Norths Colts over the weekend.
  8. rugbyisfun

    The NSWRU Board

    Has there ever been a separate topic on this? Who are they? How long have they been on the Board? What's their background as far as NSW rugby is concerned? Maybe some solutions may present themselves on further analysis ?
  9. rugbyisfun

    McKibbin Wallaby Bolter?

    Gotta admit this bloke has a real crack. Gets the ball out the fastest of all current Aus 9's. Worked the crappy box options out of his game, explosive around the fringes. Real chance for a spot I reckon
  10. rugbyisfun

    Has Super Rugby Expanded to Quickly?

    Anyone else reckon we would have been better off sticking to our guns and focused on growing the game in the traditional strongholds? (que dream sequence.)... I picture Myself lying back on a nice Winters afternoon enjoying a beer whilst watching 'Sydney' play one of having just experienced.
  11. rugbyisfun

    Byrnes gets 10 Weeks

    Strewth .. Is there any good footage of this??
  12. rugbyisfun

    The Sin of the Father. The Corby Family Story

    Just reading this book now. Anyone else into it??? The Corby family are a disgrace. I can't believe so many people have had the wool pulled over their eyes.
  13. rugbyisfun

    ABCTV Shute Shield Coverage - The Sleeping Pill

    Am I the only one who thinks the ABC TV coverage of Shute Shield is about as interesting as masturbating with a cheese grater?? Papworth and that Morrison bloke keep the crowd on the edge of their seats, only because they are about to nodd off..
  14. rugbyisfun

    Scrum Engagement Management - BLOODY HELL!

    The new guidelines and management of the scrum engagement are driving me to the drink. I finished a bottle of rum by half time last night! What the bloody hell is going on!?!? The ONLY way to run scrums is to call crouch, touch, pause, engage, one after the other, with no pause or deliberate.
  15. rugbyisfun

    Cranbrook v Scots 1st XV - Sat 17th July

    Should be an interesting match this year. Cranbrook has never beaten Scots two years in a row in the history of the two schools. Anyone got any inside info on the teams..etc etc?