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  1. Virgil

    Wallabies v All Blacks Sydney

    ...thanks for the idea Rusty...
  2. Virgil

    Victor Matfield

    Yep a modern great, be very interested to see if such a fuss is made before kick like the ill fated 100 test milestones for Percy and Smit. If it was me, id be tempted to tell everyone hold off the celebrations till AFTER the game and hopefully the win is in the bag. Then bring out the kids...
  3. Virgil

    Richie McCaw Cheat or genius

    Mat e isnt it generally the number 7's role to basically 'cheat'? Or by definition sail as close to the wind, push the limits of the law as much as possible. And you cant possibly say George Smith never did the same thing.
  4. Virgil

    Richie McCaw Cheat or genius

    Hes still super effective, and lets not forget his influence as captain. Pocock is certainly the first guy to give Richie a decent problem this year, i think too Richies role is changing due to the new interpretations. More roaming and linking.
  5. Virgil

    Richie McCaw Cheat or genius

    after last nights performance is there any doubt. dead set genius
  6. Virgil

    John Eales Medal 2009

    Tony Woodcock?
  7. Virgil

    Scarf Awards 2009 - nominations thread

    Re: Scarf Awards - 2009 - nominations please Is it poor form to nominate myself for most missed poster?
  8. Virgil

    Last Appointment: All Blacks in Hamilton

    Same!..well i am now...
  9. Virgil

    NSW V QLD hate

    Why the hell is this turning into a bash the kiwi thread?! Lets get back on track shall we ladies... Interstate hatred etc.... that is all...
  10. Virgil

    Tah Legends agrees with Cooper "NSW, they really are a boring lot"

    What a great time to jump back on board RB, good to have you back. Even as a dirty kiwi im looking forward to this game...simply want as many of you aussies hurt and maimed as possible... :thumb
  11. Virgil

    UPDATE 30th Mar - 173 confirmed dead in VIC bushfires

    Re: Update 1800 hours Eastern - 173 confirmed dead in VIC bushfires They showed that on the news here, they are kiwis. Got convicted and everything. Basically ruined their lives. Yet their house is one of the few still standing. The councils over there should be held accountable for all the...
  12. Virgil

    One Dayers v NZL

    I dont think anyone is saying he deliberately knocked the bails off to fool everyone. But i find it hard to believe he didnt know that his gloves came in contact with the bails. Of course all that doesnt matter as the simple undisputed fact is his gloves were in front of the stumps, which meant...
  13. Virgil

    One Dayers v NZL

    If he actually came clean after wards and admited he made a mistake then it wouldnt be the way it is now. Whats made it worse is the piss poor response from Haddin and Ponting, and all this shit about Vettori calling Haddin a cheat. He never used the cheat word, never. He simply said from...
  14. Virgil

    One Dayers v NZL

    Turban are you taking the piss? 600 replays and you still think the ball hit the bails, how can it have hit the bails when his gloves were in front of the stumps coming down and collect the ball. Sorry but hes a fucken cheat who MUST have know his gloves knocked the bails off, look at his face...
  15. Virgil

    One Dayers v NZL

    True, but up until Broom was sawn with a poor piece of cricket, he and Taylor looked very comfortable. Its laughable the reactions from Ponting Haddin, coming across as some kind of victims. Pathetic really, if they owned up and accepted a mistake was made it would have over with and everyone...
  16. Virgil

    One Dayers v NZL

    Yep we made it harder then it should of been but with some help from dodgy umpires and a cheating OZ keeper. Smallest rant in history over...for now.
  17. Virgil

    Aus vs Proteas: Mokke Troffe T20 Cricket

    Very impressive effort from Warner, be great to see him given a crack in the proper games.
  18. Virgil

    Aussie 1 Day Squad???

    Question, why has Bracken been on the outer? Whats his test record (too lazy to check at cricinfo)
  19. Virgil

    3rd Test Squad

    3rd Test AUS v PRO Thats a long winded way of saying he is a fucken useless captain :D Even when he had the likes of Warne and Mcgrath at his disposal it was obvious he had no clue, but now without a decent bowling attack its all the more obvious. He should give Vettori and Fleming a ring and...