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  1. Duncher

    Congratulations Richie

    Some say he's a cheat, he manipulates the refs, he's constantly offside, his hands seem to be glued to the ball, he's a thorn in our side and has been for ever it seems. But dam he's a great leader. Massive congrats to Richie. Not only has he managed to play a million tests, but now he's...
  2. Duncher

    Complete Wallabies test caps list

    yeah, well, does anyone have one? preferably with dates of the first cap? The wikipedia (the second greatest site the gods ever made) only has our test caps up to 2010... We're missing a few I'd wager
  3. Duncher

    Excellent opinion pieces

    http://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/opinion/7698084/Apart-from-McCaw-All-Blacks-lack-enforcers great article, speaks volumes about our current forward pack as well... The thing that shits me most about watching the rugby championship at the moment is how much I respect Ritchies input... The dude's a...
  4. Duncher

    Pot... Kettle... Black... WTF

    I love it... Didn't the All Blacks send an understrength team to South Africa earlier this year??? Didn't the Saffas do the same? C'mon France, you've been written off AGAIN, please do it!!!! Then we can see the Poms knock the ABs out on the other side of the draw
  5. Duncher

    Don't mention the war

    Guys, not sure if this has been posted or if anyone has seen it but this site I stumbled upon this morning has seen me happily procrastinate the morning away: http://www.wait-of-a-nation.com/ written well, funny and with some good insights into their mentality
  6. Duncher

    Root for the Wallabies

    With the kiwis launching their 'Abstain for the Blacks' campaign, I thought it only appropriate to start our own public campaign... What say you?
  7. Duncher

    Player Nick Names

    OK Lads and Laddettes, given it's the end of the rugby season for most of us I thought I'd take this opportunity to try and set in stone some of the nick names we should be using for next year... Some that I have so far include: Adam Ashley-Cooper - Two Dads Benn Robbinson - Fatt Catt...