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2017 Under-20 Competitions including Oceania & World U20s

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Doesn't look too bad, much of the heavy rainfall was to the South-West of Brisbane..

lightning rod

Chris McKivat (8)
I get that there are trade offs for positions and a balance of skills like ball carrying and mobility/fitness v scrum techniques and dominance but I don't know what you get when you trade both away

I suspect its that perpetual Australian search for scrum Parody

yeah I spelled that right


Sydney Middleton (9)
Reds by 14 in the GF today - note Rugbylink now lists Stewart at 10 instead of Lucas. Good luck fellas, hope both sides are firing today.

Lee Grant

John Eales (66)
Staff member
Wow - can't get my ancient laptop to get the live stream to work here at Allianz, though the internet is working fine.

Keep the reports coming.


Herbert Moran (7)
Great Win by the Reds U/20's. Well deserved by all the boys. It was interesting looking at the bench and the support players that didn't get a great run in the final. In my opinion, those boys could have pushed strongly for a first 15 position in any of the other states and held their own.
Queensland Rugby is alive and well.
Good Luck to all the Boys that have made the Aust U/20's. Stay fit and safe.
Hopefully the other lads return to their Qld Club Team and continue their dedication and commitment
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