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AAGPS (NSW) Rowing 2013 Season


Bob McCowan (2)
Pollit - Selected for the GPS under 16s Side Rugby. i have heard he has been involved with vigerous training with the AIS. A talented boy, 6 foot 3, 90kgs. an erg score in the low 6s is quite possible for a talented athlete as such

Firstly, everyone who does rowing is 6 foot 3, 90kgs.
Secondly, I can't really see how "talent" translates onto the ergo.
Thirdly, ergos don't float.

Nevertheless he does sound alpha and it will be interesting to see how he contributes.

The GPS Rower

Herbert Moran (7)
Aus mens 8+ 2006 = 4th
aus mens 8+ 2007 = 8th
aus mens eight beijeing = 6th
joeys 2010 = 7th
joeys 2011 = 6th
joeys 2012 = 6th

fired from canada brother, dont trust the internet. trust performance.

joeys have always had rugby players who row, never any real talent


Bob McCowan (2)
just heard there has been some controversy in the kings boatshed.

former 'ejector seat' occupier and this seasons C.O.B at kings is currently having kind words with the school about becoming the 1st VIII coach, because he believes he has all the necessary qualifications and experience it requires to take the once formidable boat shed back to the top. I cant say i agree with his approach though.

with that said, i believe shore will take it out once again. they may not be the biggest of boys, but they have a lot of talent, firepower and experience returning again this year, good luck to anybody competing against them.


Bob McCowan (2)
not bad if youre 50 kilos, but if you want to make the shore 8 you will get pushed to at least the 20s

Honestly I thought the Shore times would have been much better considering their competition for seats, training etc.
Apparently the New 8 last year all had ergos of around 6 - quite impressive if you ignore the fact they were all about 95kg

Regina George

Stan Wickham (3)
I glanced the name Tibbertsma before but I can't find the post... Will there be another Tibbestma going for the Rennie this year? Has the name become a View dynasty?


Bob McCowan (2)
being 95 kilos is something you cant ignore in rowing though. the heaviest from the shore 8 this year was 89 kilos with the lightest being 74. i dont think scores of around 6:00 for a couple of blokes on an erg are going to help if more than half your crew is over 90 kilos. remembering that its not all about how hard you pull.