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ACTJRU U18 & ACT Schools XV 2013


Frank Row (1)
It was very disappointing that some of the boys didn't get much of a run yesterday, particularly those from out of the ACT who had travelled a long way to be there and who don't get much of a chance to showcase their abilities here


Stan Wickham (3)
Looking at the 33 man ACT Schoolboys squad selected yesterday, it is clear that St Edmunds and Marist lead the way this year with 13 players selected from St Edmunds and 7 from Marist. Tomorrow will be an exciting match to watch, looking forward to seeing the rivalry of the two schools come back for another year. My tip is St Edmunds by 12


Jimmy Flynn (14)
Can anybody provide results from todays matches?

If that incident at the Norths v Darra game was ugly as it reads, then some action needs to be taken. It sounds disgusting and rediculous and whats more completely unwanted by true supporters of rugby. I hope the offenders are thrown out of the club and banned from the game a while. If the details are accurate then I am shocked.


Stan Wickham (3)
As a matter of interest do the Dara faithful know the result of their Warath Shield fixture scheduled to be played against St Andrews before the 24 th of may.


Stirling Mortlock (74)
Staff member
What Sully said.
If anyone can't take the hint from the mass of deleted posts, and feels the need to have another crack, they'll get a rest from here. Ironic, no?
Stick to footy please.


Stirling Mortlock (74)
Staff member
OK, since some people don't get the hint, another banned and thread locked for a bit.
Grow up some of you. Pathetic.