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AIC Rugby 2018

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Ali Barber

Allen Oxlade (6)
Totally agree

12, 13 and 15 from Iona are best I've seen this season , although , if healthy I'd still go with MCA's first choice 13 and go with SPC's Maritz and SPLC's McKinlay as my wingers . Padua 10 at 10 and Iona 9

That's my AIC backline

9 . Iona
10. Padua
11. SPLC ( McKinlay )
12. Iona
13. MCA ( LTW )
14. SPC ( Maritz )
15. Iona ( Plath )

With back ups

21. ?
22. MCA 10
23. SLC ( Stannard )
24. Iona 13
25. SLC ( Lamin )

Pretty good and competitive line up to face off against GPS competition like :

9's like : Kirk ( GT ) Thomas ( IGS ) Pappin ( NC )
10's like : Gordon ( BBC ) Parata ( TSS ) Asi ( BGS ) Walker ( IGS )
Centres like : Pasiota ( NC ) Flook ( NC ) Condon ( GT ) Howarth ( BBC ) Tuisamoa ( High ) Waight ( BGS )
Back 3 like : Samuela ( TSS ) Bennett ( NC ) Bowyer ( BBC ) Stirling ( BBC ) Vui ( GT ) Robbins ( NC ) Laei ( IGS ) King-Smith ( IGS ) Waia ( NC )

Some quality there GO. It would be good to see The sides mixed up AIC x GPS & CS. I think we might see your 9 - 15 as AIC and your GPS selections are spot on. It's a shame these seasons are split.

I play wing

Chris McKivat (8)
Some quality there GO. It would be good to see The sides mixed up AIC x GPS & CS. I think we might see your 9 - 15 as AIC and your GPS selections are spot on. It's a shame these seasons are split.

All the sides are mixed up this year - its only 4 teams and each one will be made up of boys from AIC, GPS and CS.

Combined Schools named around 15 players after the 18s State Champs last weekend so I imagine there will be a similar number picked from AIC and the rest made up of GPS players.
Despite AIC being trampled for a while it will be a shame that there is no AIC vs GPS game. All in all mixed teams probably is a good idea.

Garry Owens

Alan Cameron (40)
^Considering CSS have been better performing in recent times - 15 to 16 is probably fair enough for AIC as well

At 16 a pop that is 32 spots out of 92 which leaves circa 60 spots . Apparently 6 x players from GPS 3 made Queensland Open or Combined States Teams last year


Herbert Moran (7)
Half time at banyo Padua 5 - Iona 5
Lots of dropped ball by both teams Padua will have the wind in the second half.

Garry Owens

Alan Cameron (40)
Any chat on SPLC #7 ?

Couldn’t make the game due to other commitments - but was certainly looking forward to viewing the contest between SPLC and MCA’s 7 - the latter deservedly gets a lot of attention but the former is no less then his equal IMO


Chris McKivat (8)
Villa 24 Eddies 0
Very scrappy game - Villa left about 4 tries on the park through poor execution. Iona may pump them next week unless they improve.
Villa seconds smashed Eddies 64-0 - still maintain selections maybe an issue.

Confucius Say

Trevor Allan (34)
Anyone know how St Pat v SLC finish?

Iona 26-5 over Padua. Very even first half but Iona always looked like they would finish the stronger. 9 was the difference.

Garry Owens

Alan Cameron (40)
OK AIC'rs here is the early season Owen's book

Iona - $4.00
MCA - $6.00
Padua - $10.00
SPC - $15.00
SLC - $20.00
SPLC - $25.00
Villanova - $35.00
St Edmunds - $100.00

Get some

Mid way point of the season and a check in on “the January book”

In retrospect - it’s probably fair to say SPLC up 1 then SLC down 2

Prince Henry

Fred Wood (13)
A near sighted move by the AIC. Yes, the "demand" has been there for years but rather than trying to enhance the Union competition, they have now squeezed it into term 2 with barely a trial game before a 7 week competition.

And this is a pathway?

  • How much $ has the AFL and the NRL given to the AIC ?
  • Why only one team per grade? What will other boys do?
  • Why not extend the Union comp to a home & away over 2 terms? (like NZ schools rugby)
  • Where will some boys' focus be in the last few weeks of term 2?
I am sure this move will have its positives with the likelihood of attracting more Rugby League boys to AIC schools but they will only play if they are able to make the top team. Maybe the GPS schools lose a few boys who play both codes? I don't know...
But I expect the AIC schools to lose a few Union boys with the AIC now clearly confused on what their future direction should be.


Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
Do people seriously consider schools around what sports they play?

As a father of 4 I find that incredible.

Prince Henry

Fred Wood (13)
I couldn't say definitively Reg, but yes I think they do. That's why schools invest in their programmes because they know they are going to attract good athletes into those respective sports.

If Brisbane Grammar played League instead of Union and there was no rowing, I know plenty of dads who wouldn't be sending Billy there.
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