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Alexandria Dukes


Phil Hardcastle (33)
Alexandria Dukes is a Rugby Club that successfully completed its first year in the NSW Suburban Rugby Competition Division 6 in 2012.
The Alexandria Dukes aspires to be a community and social rugby club providing playing opportunities for all in an atmosphere that is enjoyable, friendly, welcoming and respectful. The majority of our members reside in the local area, with the balance primarily working in the CBD.
The Alexandria Dukes RFC, would not be able to exist without the commitment of its corporate partners - The Iron Duke Hotel, Australian Meat Emporium and KSOL.

For 2014 the Dukes will play in the South-east conference of Div 6. The club has seen considerable growth in our playing numbers this year and as well as fielding a first XV we have sufficient numbers to put together a Halligan Cup team.

So far this year the Dukes have been successful in winning their two meldrum Cup games - 29-24 defeat of Burraneer and a 89-7 win over St George. In the Halligan Cup Dukes defeated Waverly 48-10.

For more info about the Dukes go to www.alexandriadukesrfc.com


Phil Hardcastle (33)
The Dukes played Sydney Irish in a Halligan Cup game on Friday at Latham Park and came away with a good 21-0 win. Apparently the win was based on a strong showing by the forwards who pushed the Irish all over the field.

This continues a very strong start to the season for the club.

We take on Sydney Grammar Old Boys on Saturday and hopefully the winning continues


Phil Hardcastle (33)
So after a bit of a break the Dukes return to the field in the Meldrum Cup tomorrow against Sydney Grammar Old Boys at reg bartley oval at Rushcutters Bay. Kick-off is at 3 pm.

The Dukes 2nd XV is playing Mosman at Wills Oval with kick-off at 12.30.

Good luck to both Dukes teams and lets hope the great start to the season continues


Phil Hardcastle (33)
Alexandria Dukes beat Sydney Grammar Old Boys 31-17 on Saturday, through a very dominant forward pack. The Dukes have some big ball carriers and heavy hitters in their side and completely dominated the smaller SGOB's pack. Given that SGOB's were grand finalists in the Meldrum last year this was a really good result. We now sit top of the Division with 3 wins all with bonus points

Overheard during the game one parent of one of the Old Boys say, after they elected for a scrum instead of taking a enalty kick - "After the amount of money we spent educating them you would think they learnt something."

In the backs the Dukes were able to hold off any challenges that were thrown at them with some good organised mid-field defence. The 10 and 12 were very strong here. They need to organise themselves (the backs) better and there appeared to be a little communication. This may be due to the 3 week break since they last played so heres hoping to see some good backline stuff in the coming games.

I would also like to comment on the ref for the game. Often the ref is commented on how shit they are but in this case I can only say what a good job he did with the game. He was a young bloke and had moments during the game where things got a bit strained. The discipline of both sides at times was poor and he had any number of players wanting to tell him his job. He handled all this well and gave a performance that allowed the game to be played and finished in mostly good spirit. His judgment and control of the game could not really be faulted.

Anyway the Dukes enjoyed the win (did anyone see the boys in the Magners suits at the Tahs game last saturday night - some of them were the Dukes) and now look forward to a new test of how they are going when they take on Maccabi next Saturday and Nagle Oval Maroubra