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Alltime GAGR Slack Members XV

Dismal Pillock

Andrew Slack (58)
You end up on this list you have messed up bigtime.

Inclusion here demonstrates you have noticeably **FAILED** to log in and post often enough to satisfy The Selection Committee.

The only ways to get your name OFF this most shameful of lists are the following:

* login and post enough to satisfy The Selection Committee.
* profer an official certificate of death from matron proving you really did die of the Rona.
* provide proof you have PM'd the Auckland Blues 2022 home and away schedule to the following member; @cyclopath.
* publish a lengthy apology in this thread begging forgiveness for your disgracefully and hopelessly lax forii behaviour.

1 @Hugh Jarse will be almost impossible to budge from this position. Not least because of his huge arse.
2 @ChargerWA unseen for 3 years.
3 @oztimmay "Wellll? We're waitingggg"
4 @Ruggo Also unsighted for 3 years. NO EXCUSE.
5 @No4918 2 years in absentia
6 @MrTimms 4 years wft
7 @rugbysmartarse 1 year not here
8 @USARugger another who's left us shorthanded and in the lurch for 3 years now. Just insensitive to the needs of others, that's what it is.
9 @Quick Hands. unseen since October
10 @Gagger we relied on him to get us around the park and instead he left us out here crying in the rain.
11 @Gnostic another slacker gone walkabout. 2 years
12 @matty_k ONE post in the last 6 years. This guy is NEVER getting dropped from this team.
13 @p-tah 3 years radio silence
14 @The Honey Badger 6 months not here
15 @Scoey No posts in 3 YEARS. The worst case of the yips since cyclo last hit the golf course.

If you come across a lax account you feel is worthy of inclusion, or could usurp one of the incumbent slack drongos in this most galling of XV's, then feel free to DOB THAT PRICK IN.