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Argentina v Australia Sun, 7/8/2022, 5:10 am


Chilla Wilson (44)
... well I be damned, they gave it. Would have loved the overhead shot like the Argie ones.


Steve Williams (59)
41 v 26 great win, took the heat at the start and run over the top of them.

Lots of good in there official man of the match was Bobby V... Mine was Swain, he bossed the lineout, mauls in and out of lineouts.


Chilla Wilson (44)
Agree with To'omua. Winning that even though it was messy will help this team build. Can be so much better.


John Eales (66)
Holloway and McRieght both solid test games. Plenty of room to improve but high ceiling from both. Front row (both starting and bench) had a tough day and held it together. Our line out is getting there.

Some of our D was patchy, especially on the counter. Thought the backline was a little sketchy but then loosing the flyhalf can't help. Hodge proving, yet again, what a solid Wallaby servant he is.

A game we really needed to win, job done, next.


Sydney Middleton (9)
Thoughts must go out to Christy Doran, who with Argentina 19-10 ahead would have been enjoying his firstly fully rigid erection since Cheika got sacked. Fortunately for Australia the momentum swung their way and Christy will have to keep carrying those blue balls around.


Nev Cottrell (35)
On the other hand, all the WBs games this year with poor performances at the beginning