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Australia v New Zealand - Sydney 16 Aug

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Steve Williams (59)
At least the wallabies have shown their intention. At a party. Loner watching the game


Nicholas Shehadie (39)
The kicking has been fucking dreadful.

They should consider getting Foley on if they're reverting to penalty kicks to score points. Too many ill-timed, poorly placed kicks thus far. Get Foley on soon in my opinion.

We're still in this.

C'mon Men!!!


Chilla Wilson (44)
It's not just Beale, probably 10 of the wobbs have been poor. I have o say though that foley would have been a better choice tonight

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
Sick of this crap

Not crap. It's test footy.

Pissing with rain. 1st test against the Darkness. Was never going to be a tryfest as the brutes sort themselves out.

That missed Penalty Kick on oranges is going to bite the Men in Gold in the arse.

Whoever scores first after oranges will win this match.

Must maintain concentration. Gold can win, but must play smarter than they have been so far.
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Ron Walden (29)
I am a fan of White's but his service is shite and is more worried about the AB forwards infringing and then whinging to Peyper than doing his job. Get Phipps on soon hopefully.

Dismal Pillock

Simon Poidevin (60)
HT 9-3, some clot-cocked stuff from the Aussies. Beale with numerous rogerings.

NZ havent fired a shot, content with wet weather bok-style boot and hope the foreigners drop it


John Thornett (49)
I was expecting a direct game through the midfield with Beale pulling the strings and working the 9-10-12 channels with his footwork and short passing.

So far we just look like a bunch of headless chooks

Not even sure if we're lacking intensity or if its just evaporating in the utter confusion


Fred Wood (13)
Another year, another Groundhog Day.

So friggin sick of seeing this bullshit from the Wallabies every year.

A mutterer

Desmond Connor (43)
White and Beale have been shite.

No composure and questionable service when they're not fucking up. Its deja vu all over again.

On the positive side the piggies have been doing well the last 20 or so.


Bob Davidson (42)
didnt the rule change that the ball must be cleared (or at least picked up) by the scrumhalf before you can touch the halfback

Yes, that's true but White put his hands on the ball and just sat there, he seems to do it a lot. Fair enough a penalty but to yellow card that, total crap.


Desmond Connor (43)
The ABS technique in the contact area is outstanding. That hold up on Izzy was awesome.
Beale needs to position himself better. Needs to be a bit more brave and take them on. Come on son.


Peter Fenwicke (45)
Strange first half neither team have been anywhere near to firing on all cylinders and it's been a pretty muted affair for a Blendisloe game.

ABs are deservedly ahead primarily on possession and territory. Neither team have offered too much when they've put the ball through the hand. Only real cutting edge came when the ABs blew what should have been a certain try.

In the set piece I thought the Wobs scrum has gone well. ABs scrum aren't exactly world beaters (especially when compared to just about ever other facet of their play) but still the Aus scrum is steadily improving in the last few years.

Too many silly errors from the Wobs in the first half. The ABs just need 1 break to put some daylight between the teams and force the Wobs to chase it and prehaps give them more space.

NZ have kicked very well and it's allowed them to maintain territory without presenting chanced for Folau to run the ball back.
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