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Australian Schoolboys & National Championships 2018

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rod skellet

Nicholas Shehadie (39)
Qld2 might be big but they lack enough fast twitch fibres...Act are technically better and fitter. They play with more urgency

Sydney Rugby Fan

Allen Oxlade (6)
For those who are finding the stream for this website https://www.rugby.com.au/news/2018/07/07/australian-schools-championship-2018-division-one-day-one not working.



I don't know what it is with the rugby.com.au website but three different browsers will not play the stream.
Anyone else have this issue?

Many thanks for the working link J - yes I was having the same issue with the official rugby.com.au site stream (it was timing out...)

Armchair Selector

Johnnie Wallace (23)
ACT side from today’s program with jersey #s


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