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Bledisloe #1 New Zealand vs Australia, August 7 2021


Mark Loane (55)
I’d like to see the replay of Retallick taking out Hooper off the ball a couple of minutes ago. Have noted the time stamp.

Yep Hooper had been called off it, Retallick came in from the side, dangerous clean out IMO


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Kenny Powers

Dave Cowper (27)
It's a good redemption story. Probably the bad opinion comes from his mediocre play after the hype when he played for the Waratahs. He's come back from OS a much better player, particularly in defence. He's taken hos chance tonight. Good on him

Maybe says more about the Waratahs than it does about Andrew Kellaway. They couldn’t develop a cold a the Waratahs.


Dave Cowper (27)
Out of hand backwards, forward out of the hand is bull. He passes before the line and is caught beyond the line. Easy