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Bledisloe #2 - AUS v NZL, Eden Park, Auckland, August 15th

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Cpt Crow Eater

Chris McKivat (8)
One question I need to ask, why did we have 6 forwards on the bench, and it took until the 70th minute for a rolling maul??

It has worked for us previously, it worked tonight when we did use it, but not in the plan??

Quade, two head high yellow cards in two games. please learn to get in position, get low and use your shoulders. 3 tries that cost us and he was rightly benched after. Inexcusable for me. Think that was his last chance.

Lots of poor skills shown tonight. People trying to do too much maybe?
We have a serious consistency problem with our team. Forwards and halves especially.

Line out, shit again.

Don't think Palu added much.

All Blacks monstered us again and deserved that Eden Park send off for theire departing players.


Bill McLean (32)
It would be both lazy and foolish to pillory cooper** alone for what was a masterclass from the All Blacks and a final 50 minutes that is reminiscent of the last 13 years of Australian rugby.

I think this is a step back but one that wasn't unexpected so I hope Cheika can get us up for the cup because we were looking like a team that could almost beat them in the first thirty.

** I think that is quades last game.
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Steve Williams (59)
I think all the White supporters who like to bag Phipps mercilessly should take a spoon, and a napkin. Chef will be around soon to serve you some humble pie.
Lol you think Phipps would Have been better?. we lost it up front.. Not the Half's Fault.. But when you are behind A good pack like Sydney and look shit. Then you worry
He may not be the answer, but at least he's a possibility.

Quade has a long way to go to get back to his former self.

Foley will probably be the starting 10 in the RWC.

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Even AAC (Adam Ashley-Cooper) was horrible. Hooper went missing. Cheika can't control that.

That is just short sighted and an easy out to defend the coach.

Tinkering with a team creates confusion and instability. Communication uncertain. Passes go to no one. Game plan shredded.

And that's just the tinkering. The other part is tinkering with players. And selecting them, that are shit.

Cooper and Genia were shit all year; everyone could see it, but they get Tests?

Maybe the fact that Foley, To'omua, etc haven't "grabbed their position with both hands" is because they aren't able to string games together to get stability.

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Tom Lawton (22)
What a thrashing, we were looking ok until Quade's brains fart. Kuridrani had a very quiet game, so did Moore, Palu, and Hooper, Horwill and AAC (Adam Ashley-Cooper).

White is not our answer, neither is Cooper. I have no idea what we can do at 10 as Foley and To'omua are not on song either.

Quade should disappear quietly. At this stage we have no chance at the RWC but hopefully we can get a decent team on the field to get us into the QF. I will be over in Britain in October, I just want to see us competitive. Cheicks, get rid of Cooper for good, he is a liability. There is not one test this year he has had a good performance.


Bob McCowan (2)
The starting XV for the WC:

1 Sio
2 Moore (c)
3 Kepu
4 Mumm
5 Horwill
6 Fardy
7 Hooper
8 Pocock
9 Stirzaker
10 The kid hired by Rebels who can kick +60m
11 Tomane
12 To'omua
13 Kuridrani
14 Two Daddies
15 Folau

16 TPN (Tatafu Polota-Nau)
17 Slipper
18 Holmes
19 Douglas
20 McCalman
21 White
22 Giteau
23 Mitchell

Go home:


Send Skelton home? What game were you watching? He was the only one consistently tackling aggressively. Although I don't know what the fuck he was doing when he tried to pilfer.


George Smith (75)
Staff member
Wait a fucking minute - take your navy/white eyepatch off and prepare to be truthed:

We had a period in the first half where we were rolling over the ABs, and dominating them inside our 22. Then suddenly White stopped passing the ball straight out of the ruck, and when he DID finally get it out he threw it straight at the man and not out in front of him. Killed all our momentum and gave the ABs the momentum back.

Yeah our forwards got belted up because the ABs fronted, but DON'T divert blame from a guy who had a shit game, just because he wears your colours.

I was puzzled by White's slow delivery - I struggle to believe it was part of the game plan from Cheika - it never has been. So was he reverting to type, or did he just have no options? I think some of both. The preferred fast / flat game Cheika seems to favour does not favour Quade when he is off song a bit, and not going forward, and getting slow service at 9 hurts it more. I'm not sniping at White or Cooper, just trying to reconcile what was happening. But I really think a lot of the problems arose from what wasn't happening up front for most of the game. The forwards were trying, but the ABs were just far more aggressive and pro-active in collisions.

Brumby Runner

David Wilson (68)
It was the point. But perhaps the point where they ran through basically our entire team in the lead up was more likely the point. That defensive inadequacy has maintained since, through Quade's 10 in the bin and accelerated since Beale came on (not Beale's fault who has defended well - just saying its dropped even more when we got back to 15).

If that try wasn't Quade's fault (and I agree) then it was most certainly Horwill's as he again missed the critical first tackle on Milner-Skudder.


Mark Ella (57)
It was SO stupid of cooper missing the 4 tackles before he covered his 4 missed tackles that he missed earlier. Yep , poor defence..

His tackle was made out of desperation - it was so close to being a try saver - unfortunately too high and cost us badly.

Cooper getting a shit of criticism but every player tonight was poor.

Slim 293

Phil Waugh (73)
If there is not clear. 2 players who were on the RWC squad of ALL users have lost their air ticket tonight. They are Palu and Speight

You can't go to the WC for carrying a surname without big performances. Tomane deserves the spot for the traditional winger

Speight might not make the RWC squad, but it won't be based on his performance tonight.........

Despite looking for work he only got the ball once, and he made some really good tackles.

Brumby Runner

David Wilson (68)
Cooper was good enough to be our starting 10 for the hardest WC games. Pigs need some work getting over the gain line. Seemed static taking the ball when we had it. And no creativity when we're getting smashed

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Sorry, but I couldn't disagree more. Quade and Foley as out No 10s will see us with no chance at all of winning Bill.
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