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Brisbane City v Canberra Vikings

Brumby Runner

Tim Horan (67)
Vikings are playing completely without tactical nous (again). Some tips for the so far underperforming coaching staff:

1. Why play for a penalty in the scrums inside the opposition 22m when penalty kicks are no longer worthwhile. Get the ball out as quickly as possible and at least try to get to the tryline.

2. Short arm free kick near own tryline. Do not kick for touch at the 22m line. Just handing over possession in a strong attacking position. Kick it long. This is the only occasion when your whole team is onside. Get a good defensive line and get the play into the opposition half.

3. Get the half back to look to see where the defense is before passing or kicking to the side where the defense outnumbers the attack. (See McIntyres try after a shambles of a kick by Dowsett to the side where only Henry was defending).

4. Get some players who actually look interested in playing.

5. Get a No 2 who can throw into a lineout.

Coaching has been the downfall of the Vikings in this comp imo. Players who are not stepping up are Dowsett, Coleman and Mogg when he's there.


George Gregan (70)
Speight is very rusty, not sure he should be starting or playing any Tests soon. Barbarians game maybe.

Butler only Brumby putting in.

Brumby Runner

Tim Horan (67)
Once again, holding the ball in the scrum 30m from their own line looking for a penalty, but instead losing the ball and giving up another try while they were a man up. Just get the fucking ball out of the scrum quickly and play some rugby!!!!

Brumby Runner

Tim Horan (67)
Time to get Powell on for Dowsett. Actually, should have started. And about bloody time they have a hooker who might be able to throw into a lineout.

Robbie Coleman is just not interested.


Andrew Slack (58)
Brisbane playing well though.Schatz over again

Chris Kuridrani outpointing Speight. Genia and Feao doing good work off the bench.

Brumby Runner

Tim Horan (67)
Good night Nurse. Congratulations to City. Have been good all season but didn't Will Genia look good. All the best in the finals.

Vikings earned the award for the most disappointing team in the comp.