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CAS 2019


Nev Cottrell (35)
1 ADRIAN BROWN Barker College
2 BILLY POLLARD Barker College
3 WILL KABLAU Knox Grammar School
4 OLLIE HUGHES Knox Grammar School
5 MILES AMATOSERO Waverey College
6 JORDAN CAMERON Barker College
7 DAN BREDEN Knox Grammar School
8 TOM GRATWICKE Knox Grammar School
9 TAS SMITH Cranbrook School
10 SIONE VUKI Trinity Grammar School
11 OLLIE EVANS Knox Grammar School
12 RONALD VOLKMAN Waverey College
13 SAM RECHNER Knox Grammar School
14 KYLE GALLOWAY Barker College
15 MAX D’AGOSTINO Waverey College

1 MALACHI HAWKES Trinity Grammar School
2 ENRIQUE GROBLER Knox Grammar School
3 DANE WILSON Barker College
4 OLLIE BUCHANAN Trinity Grammar School
5 ANGUS PARTINGTON St Aloysius College
6 OLIVER CARROLL Cranbrook School
7 OSCAR CHEAL Knox Grammar School
8 ALEX O’REILLY Cranbrook School
9 KYE WILLOUGHBY Trinity Grammar School
10 DARCY FITZGERALD Knox Grammar School
11 PETER NORTH Cranbrook School
12 SPENCER SPALDING St Aloysius College
13 FLYNN MEAGHER Trinity Grammar School
14 LUCAS VASS Barker College
15 OLLIE GRIFFITHS Knox Grammar School
16 HUGO HAYMAN Cranbrook School
17 OLIVER FERGUSON Waverley College
18 PADDY TAGG Cranbrook School
19 ALEX RICE Waverley College
20 DAN STOVOLD Barker College
21 TOM SIDGREAVES St Aloysius College
23 AUSTEN YATES St Aloysius College

LUCAS ROBERTSON St Aloysius College
ROBBIE TOCICH Trinity Grammar School
JACK MCNEIL St Aloysius College
ANGUS ALLEN St Aloysius College
SEBASTIAN BUCHANAN Trinity Grammar School
HUGO WEYMOUTH Barker College
JACK MARNING St Aloysius College
MARCO MORETTI Waverley College
TOM CONSTABLE Knox Grammar School
PATRICK KITE Waverley College
LUKE HENNESY Trinity Grammar School
JAMES LOUGHNAN St Aloysius College
SAM NICHOLL Knox Grammar School
CHARLIE WEBER St Aloysius College

bring back rucking

Fred Wood (13)
Strong side. Haven’t seen Cameron or Vuki play... what style of 10 is Vuki?. Would have preferred Rechner stay at 12 for his defence... GPS have picked the joeys combo at 10,12,13 which could prove dangerous.


Stan Wickham (3)
CAS U16's Announced

No Name School
1 Dion Yazdani Barker College
2 Tyrone Albertyn Barker College
3 Jack Black Knox Grammar School
4 Fritz Jahnke-Tavana Waverley College
5 Clem Halaholo Waverley College
6 Davvy Moale Waverley College
7 Ethan King Waverley College
8 Edward Slack-Smith Barker College
9 Klayton Thorn Waverley College
10 Emmanuel Di Bartolo Waverley College
11 Harry Gosper Knox Grammar School
12 Aaron Dimovitch Waverley College
13 Jack Colbran Barker College
14 Ethan Flanagan Waverley College
15 Luke Tucker Knox Grammar School
16 Tyson Jackson Trinity Grammar School
17 Bertie Alcock Trinity Grammar School
18 Reeve Smith Waverley College
19 Austen Clarke St Aloysius College
20 Aidan Galloway Barker College
21 Alex Elder Waverley College
22 Charlie Herdman Knox Grammar School
23 Hunter Hannaford Trinity Grammar School
24 Jack Hickey Waverley College
25 Eli Sangala Barker College
6 of the Waves 16s players have had 1sts experience this season


Herbert Moran (7)
Opens Representation
A - 0
B - 4
C - 1
K - 6
T - 1
W - 3

A - 2
B - 2
C - 3
K - 4
T - 4
W - 0
Reserves & Shadows
A - 8
B - 3
C - 2
K - 2
T - 3
W - 5

A - 10
B - 9
C - 6
K - 12
T - 8
W - 8



Nev Cottrell (35)
I am not overly familar with Cranners .... but assuming the big 13 that played on Friday night was Jacob Taylor ...then I'd say that kid was "dead-set" robbed

and Alex Rice a reserve for 2nds ? and the big 4 from Cranbrook ... Tasker!

Anyway by and large pretty good teams ... 2nds almost as strong as 1sts .... and give they are facing a GPS without Sualli and Pensini ... they might just surprise

PS maybe this year the selectors have seen the light ... and known leaguies have been relegated?
Last year they picked the likes of Luca Moretti... maybe thinking he might stick with union? Or maybe they just wanted strongest CAS team .... I have no idea ... but the question might be whether say a Marco Moretti is paying for the sins of his brother?

Personally I don't know what the answer is to the rise of the cross-coder?!


Nev Cottrell (35)
Agree you can point to players who are unlucky not to be chosen, or chosen higher - but I can think of only one 1sts player who’s a bit lucky to be there. There are, I think, many players around the same standard this year. Yes, a few Waverley players might have been chosen higher - but Waverley is 0 for 2 in the CAS rounds and recent form hasn’t been great. Suspect the teams would have been very different if chosen on preseason form only.

rod skellet

Bob Davidson (42)
Well done and good luck to those lads chosen. There is a mountain to climb. The GPS side is formidable. I hope you all come through the rep season injury free and can put it all on the table for the last 3 CAS games of the year.


Peter Burge (5)
Waverley 16As won 55-0, and that was with 14 players after a red card around the 20 minute mark in the first half.


Bob McCowan (2)
so as far as I understand the table looks like this after r2

1st XV
1. B (2-0)
=2 C, K, T, A (1-1)
6. W (0-2)

2nd XV
=1 B, W (2-0)
=3 C, T (1-1)
=5 K, A (0-2)

competition really is wide open. last week aloys were written off and Knox was a hot favourite. just goes to show how much can change. R3 when we come back from school holidays will really seperate the boys from the men (W v C, T v K, A v B). its game on!


Bob McCowan (2)
Anybody have the results for Aloys lower grades (opens) yesterday? Would think it'd be a hard day out at DV.


Big Paul

Frank Row (1)
Anybody have the results for Aloys lower grades (opens) yesterday? Would think it'd be a hard day out at DV.


I heard both teams (3rd's and 4th's) were kept scoreless, however not sure how many points were scored by Waverley in each game.



Stan Wickham (3)
Cranbrook Vs Knox @ Woolahra Oval

At the start of the year, there was the expectation that Hordern would be dug up for renovations, so Cranbrook approached Knox and suggested a Friday night game at Woolahra Oval instead.

The powers that be agreed, but as the time drew nearer, it became apparent that Hordern would be available all year.

“Move the game back to Hordern on Saturday” suggested Knox.

“Not on your Nelly” said Cranbrook, already having played a Friday night game at Woolahra earlier in the season.

And what a smart move that was by Cranbrook.

So, at 7PM on a cold, wet night at Woolahra Oval, the Cranbrook side ran on.

Their student supporters numbered in the hundreds, and filled the northern hill.

At the southern end, the entire Waverley 1st’s, and most of the Waverley 2nd’s, were cheering on the Cranbrook lads, along with a Cranbrook mum who could be heard all the way down at Watson’s Bay.

Knox had started and finished school 15 minutes early for the day, in order to put on busses for any boy interested in supporting their mates. About 100 took up the offer, and filled the south western side of the field.

Cranbrook was not to be outdone, and had put on a function in the upstairs area of the clubhouse. Meanwhile, there was standing room only on the entire western side of the field, with burgers and beers doing the job of lubricating the vocal cords of a very demonstrative crowd. Knox, Waverley and Cranbrook parents stood shoulder to shoulder, heaving in anticipation.

The weather gods smiled slyly, and the rain stopped, as Fitzgerald (10) took the kick-off for Knox. Down with the flu, and not able to train, he had spent the day in bed. But this was footy, so up he got and put on his boots for the night.

His usual excellent kicking was off, and the ball didn’t go 10 metres. Back for a scrum, and Brook were high-fiving and grunting with delight.

Working their way upfield Brook were full of chatter, full of enthusiasm. Knox were flat. And within 3 minutes, Brook were 3-0 up thanks to an easy penalty goal.

From the restart, Knox pinned Cranbrook near their line. But an error at the line out saw the ball go upfield, as Brook kept up the enthusiasm, while Knox kept making mistakes. Five minutes later, and Brook were deep on attack. Knox were doing ok at keeping them at bay, until from within the ruck, a Brook hand reached back and picked up the ball, and ran 10 metres untouched to score under the posts. Nine minutes in, and it was Cranbrook 10-0 up.

This spurred Knox into action, and for the next five minutes pressured the Brook line. Scrums, line outs, penalties. Cranbrook were stinging in their defence. Eventually a ball to Grobler (2) out wide, and he took two Cranbrook backs with him as he went over. 15 minutes in and it was 10-5 to Cranbrook.

The next ten minutes saw end to end rugby, with Cranbrook kicking, and Knox making errors. Another try to Brook and 15-5 with 10 minutes left in the half.

Knox again tried to mount an attack, but slow play and errors cost them, and they went into the break down 15-5.

The second half saw Knox come out with a bit more intent. Griffiths (15) was making metres every time he touched the ball, but still Brook held out the Knox attack. #9 for Brook was huge in defence, often making last gasp tackles, as Knox kept pounding the line. Eventually, the side to side rugby paid off, and Knox were in eight minutes into the half. 15-12 to Cranbrook, but the half was all Knox.

Again, Knox worked the ball upfield. Attacking the Brook line, another Knox error. Winning the ball back, Brook belted the ball back towards halfway. Evans (11) fielded it, stepped inside 14, ran, shimmied, stepped, and scored under the posts with hardly a hand touching him. 18 minutes in to the second half, and it was Knox 19-15.

From the kick-off deep into Knox territory, a Knox knock-on. Now it was Cranbrook’s turn to attack the line. And with strong forward play, they were over. 22-19 Cranbrook, with 5 minutes left on the clock.

The next five minutes was helter skelter, with Cranbrook heaving the ball downfield, and Knox brining it back, only to make an error, and the ball to be belted downfield again. The crowd were going berserk, and with the clock showing time up, they were screaming for Cranbrook to kick the ball out. Kick it they did. But instead of going out, it went 40 metres downfield - towards their own goal line! There was a race to the ball - would it be Knox to score in the corner, or Brook to kick it over the line.

Brook it was. Game over. 22-19. And the Cranbrook team erupted like they had just won the premiership.

Cranbrook have always been the bogey team for this Knox group of boys. And so it was again tonight. Brook out-enthused them in the first half, and Knox were too slow and error prone for their own good.

So, off to the bar I went. Looking for a smiling SDW waving a Waverley cap. But he wasn’t to be found. Maybe I’ll see him at Queens Park tomorrow, as the Waverley juggxrnaught grinds Aloys into the dust. Unless there is mud, in which case the council may close the oval. And wouldn’t that make the season that much more interesting?

Excellent job Parker. Well described and a great run down for those of us who couldn't make it. Thanks for filling us in!