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CAS 2019

carl spackler

Sydney Middleton (9)
They will get belted? This year and next year the waverly u16’s couldn’t win a game and it shows with them coming last.

This years Aloys team won the 13a’s, 14a’s and 15a’s. They only lost the 16a’s because all the players were promoted to the firsts and they have had a bad luck with refs/games so haven’t gotten why they should have this year. Plus Barker have their usual influx of representative players which makes it hard to compete with them.

Barker will be the strongest team next year- they won the 16a’s plus they have their usual arrival of new players for the firsts for any gaps they have.
This years Aloys team won the 13a’s, 14a’s and 15a’s. ???? Where did you get this from. In actual fact, the team failed to win a match in 13s and 14s, and yes, won the 15s, only courtesy of boys being forced back to play in their age group. These boys are now well gone.
It's really no surprise that the current year's firsts are dwelling the cellar.


Ward Prentice (10)
Bit of a tunnel


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Kilgore Trout

Herbert Moran (7)
Barker very slick - turnover ball converted to points - all not lost for Knox - Barker has a stiff breeze behind them but if they leak too many more points it’s hard to see them coming back


Herbert Moran (7)
Brook 14-0 Aloys

Spalding (12) for aloys off with a head knock, not coming back on. Could be another hard day at the office for the Blue and Gold

Kilgore Trout

Herbert Moran (7)
HT 26-12 - a fair indication of the the difference between the teams - Knox penalised by Barker for just about every mistake and Barker could have been further in front save for a couple of dropped balls near the line - 10 and 15 excellent for Barker - Knox up against it but however unlikely a come from behind win is , will be still giving it their best shot in the second half