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CAS Rugby 2014

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Pete King

Phil Hardcastle (33)

Waverley firsts went down to Riverview firsts. I am not aware of the score except to say it was not close. Waverley and Riverview were evenly matched until about half time when a boy from Riverview came and scored about 3 tries. Without that one boy the result would have been much closer.

Waverley seconds went down big time to Riverview 2nds in a convincing win for Riverview.

Riverview have several very large and powerful forwards in the firsts and seconds so they dominated the breakdown/ruck and there was little (if any) turnover ball to Waverley. One of their forwards in the firsts is about 190cms and solidly built.

It was the same story with the Riverview seconds. Their first number 3 was massive but was injured just a few minutes into the game. There was some reprieve for a period of time but then in the second half or second quarter they put on a boy with headgear and a different jersey to the rest of Riverview team. This boy was built and I mean built. His legs are like tree trunks, very wide shouldered and barrel chest. I dont know if it was the different jersey but he really stood out. He dominated the breakdown with his physical strength and was obviously the strongest boy on the field. Thankfully they only threw him the ball 2-3 times when he ran over the top of our boys. From what I am told it was like a freight train hitting them. By the time he was on there were non-contested scrums.phew!

Waverley 2nds appeared to be poorly drilled and the defence line was often all over the shop. We really need to keep a straight line.
who are the opens coaches at Waverley?


Dave Cowper (27)
I believe the following is happening this weekend

Barker travel to St Stanislaus
Waverley hosts Cranbrook
Aloys hosts Shore
Knox hosts Joeys.
Not sure about Trinity, but an earlier poster indicates nothing for them.
Should be some interesting games.


Trevor Allan (34)
I'm told this is Cranbrook's 1st XV against Waverley tomorrow:

1 Ben French
2 Charlie Banks
3 Turner Hancock
4 Charlie Peter
5 Will Stenmark
6 Tom Mahony (c)
7 Andrew Spira
8 Nick Makas
9 Roy Harrison
10 Sam Renton
11 Max Radoczy
12 Stuart Guihot
13 Nick Carroll
14 Sam Coates
15 Felix Studdy

A lot of unfamiliar names there, to me at least. I had thought that Summerhayes was back, so I assume he is unavialable for some reason.

Trinity has an internal trial.


Trevor Allan (34)
I saw vlachos play cricket hopefully he doesn't carry that form to the footy season

Vlachos impressed me last year, playing on the wing. Decent pace, hard runner, smart finisher. If it's the same Vlachos. That isn't always a safe assumption with these Catholic schools. I think for about ten years there was always a Quoyle or a Ticehurst in the Aloys 1st XV, but apparently this was numerous brothers, not the same guys repeating repeatedly.

In that Cranbrook side above, Makas impressed last year, too. Good carrier, decent defence. I'd say that both he and Vlachos have prospects of CAS selection.


Trevor Allan (34)
Anyone else know who's going around on the weekend? I'll be interested to see what Trinity's side looks like when it eventually appears. On the basis of no inside information at all, I'd expect No8 Corias to be captain and Jacob Storey to play 6. That's a basis for a decent back row. Two young fly-halves played last year - Justin Fish and Robert Siteine, so I assume that they will both be in the side somewhere. I think centre Nathaniel Saofia is back, along with hooker Anthony Nguyen and prop Harry McLennan. And if Rihann Barkley-Brown is back, he'll be a danger whenever he gets the ball. Unless there's some new blood or some big improvers, that looks to me like a competitive side that will battle it out with Cranbrook and St Aloysius for fourth place.


Trevor Allan (34)
New recruits Zeph McCutcheon and Angus Tonkin should fit in as second rowers in the Trinity 1s, maybe even pushing for CAS spots. The pair have played together since a young age, and it is their scrummaging prowess that puts them a step above the rest. Should be interesting to see if the other CAS second rowers can keep up.

As far as I can tell, this post is complete nonsense, so why not waste your time somewhere else?


Trevor Allan (34)
News over the off season! Jacob Storey ironically accepted another scholarship to newington college!
Like I said, I have no inside information. But that's hilarious. I think he has two years to go, so he can switch again and have a crack at the record (currently held, I believe, by Harry Jones).
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Frank Row (1)
You make a strong point big kiwi however IMO Knox Grammars million dollar man Matt Williams has a year coaching schoolboy footy under his belt and his tactics and knowledge of the game is going to shine through this season. Knox will be too well drilled and have to much structure to be beaten this year. Especially with the strong roster they have returning. Knox to go through un-defeated, possibly being tested away at Death Valley but ultimately coming away with the points and the Henry Plume shield.

To be perfectly fair based on the record over the last 4 seasons Andrew Moloney of Barker has won 3 titles (2 being back to back) one in 2010 and the other two in 2012 and 2013 with trinity taking the title in 2011. And last year by all accounts Knox was suppose to run the table with their large pack and new international coach, but once again that proved to be false. I think many people forget that Mr Williams is custom to training and playing with full grown men and professional athletes, not necessarily schoolboys who have other commitments and whose bodies can not be put through the same vigirous training regime.
This is not to say that Knox will not be a storng side this year, however as of right now i would say that Barker, Waverly and to an extent Trinity coaches have more credentials in regards to schoolboy rugby and in specific CAS rugby than Mr Williams.

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
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No inducements offered to Jones.

The other boy appears to be just another victim of the Arms Race, but there is a thread for further comment on that subject.
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