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CAS Rugby 2017

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Peter Burge (5)
knox really missing the impact of James Frear...hope to see him back for scots next week

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Frank Nicholson (4)
Anybody have a rundown of the Waverley Joeys game? Sounds incredible and throws the whole comp up in the air. Didn't doubt Waverley could do it but never thought by so much. Knox vs Newington was an average game. Newington definitely a very solid team.


Vay Wilson (31)
New most definitely deserved the win. The penalty count against Knox was high but reflected the pressure that New put Knox under esp at the breakdown. In his after function speech the Knox captain commented on the fairness of the officiating. Knox were brave in defeat, scrambled well and never gave in. They will learn from today, but New were clearly the better structured and more aggressive side on the day.
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