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I like to watch

David Codey (61)
It boggles the mind that supposedly fully functioning adults, vehemently oppose the science behind vaccines,
and almost universally,are vociferous in their support for whack job drug remedies, such hydroxychloroquine & invermectin as a guaranteed solution To the pandemi.


George Gregan (70)
I've been messaging all my Sydney mates asking them what they're gonna do first on Monday, in some weird self-flagellation trying to live vicariously through them.

Good work Sydney, you've done it, hope everyone on here goes to the gym or the hairdresser or sinks a few at the pub or whatever you've been dreaming of for 3 months.

So much hair.


George Gregan (70)
What's the dealio with the vaccine passport and checking in? I was under the impression we would just need to show businesses the certificate we got through the medicare app after the second dose.

Will they still need to contact trace?


Greg Davis (50)
I'm going to lean into the facial hair situation and leave the razor in the cupboard for a while longer, but the hair situation is getting pretty gnarly on top.

Enjoy the release NSW, hope the weather is good and the beers are cold!

Up the Guts

Steve Williams (59)
I got my last haircut just before lockdown, not expecting three months to pass, and said 'not too short'. Fuck's sake.
I couldn't make mine because of the initial one week lockdown for those who worked in the Sydney CBD. I rescheduled for one week ahead and was annoyed I'd have to put up with it for an extra 7 days, 3.5 months later...

waiopehu oldboy

George Smith (75)
Strong indications today that Northland & western Waikato will come out of L3 at midnight Thursday but Auckland will stay for at least another week with schools not going back for the start of Term 4 on Monday. Mandatory vaccination for healthcare & education (incl early childhood) workers from November & January respectively.

Still nothing being done about allowing employers to mandate vaccination for public-facing staff, despite numerous employers & industry groups calling for it. Hopefully it's just a matter of getting the regs airtight & it'll happen soon - supermarkets first followed by hospitality & general retail shortly thereafter would be good.

Teh Other Dave

Alan Cameron (40)
Bunch of lightweights crying into their beard oil.

"But mummy hasn't been allowed around in ever so long to rub the chapstick onto my lips. I fear this barometric air pressure could result in potential lip cracking. Hold me, internet, hold me!"
DP and his luscious, hippy locks. 'Hey man, isn't this green and gold ultimate frisbee?'



George Gregan (70)
Staff member
NSW ..............
"#BREAKING: The premier is scrapping quarantine - both hotel and home - for fully vaccinated overseas travellers. "

From November 1


George Gregan (70)
Staff member
I am still trying to get my head around the mask requirements in places where I have to be fully vaccinated to enter and the staff have to be fully vaccinated to work