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Div 2 vs Div 3 - what's happening?

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Bob McCowan (2)
Notional Division 2 vs Division 3 sides will be facing off as the curtain raiser's curtain raiser for the NRC. The date is to be finalised. However it will be after the Division 2 Grand Final. A players full time Club comes first.

Selections will be finalised in the next week or so. Where possible, the team coaches have not selected players from the Suburban Rep side. These teams are for the guys who don't seek the higher honours but are quality players none the less.

We expect some disagreements of the selctions, that's rugby. But we do hope to showcase some of the best rugby money can't buy.

Will update as information is confirmed.


Bob McCowan (2)
Well the Div 3 side has come together and will be realeased here next week. Div 2 having some issues as some players are unsure of post season commitments. Will hopefully be able to release the Div 2 side as well.

There are some delays as ARU may be adjusting the NRC scheduling. Will no more next week.


Bob McCowan (2)
Hello Everyone,

Sorry for being so late but we have had some troubles confirming players for the game. Please see below the team lists for the BPRC Div 2 vs Div 3 sides.
It is currently confirmed the match will kick off at 1:00pm at Brookvale Oval on Sunday 28 September. It is the pre curtain raiser to the NRC development sides and then the main game of the North Harbour Rays vs the Greater Sydney Rams. For those who wish to be tribal. Most Div 2 sides fall in the Rays catchment and the Div 3 sides would predominately feed into Rams territory.

Just as a qualifier, not all players invited were available, either through injury or end of season commitments. This is grassroots rugby at its finest where we love the game but have lives to live outside it. Injuries could still occur so these may not yet be the final sides. Would love to get your thoughts on how you see the match unfolding.

Division 2
Moses Keresi Newport
Sam Morrison Lindfield
Tom Lanaway Hunters Hill
Charlie O'Conner Brothers
Neil Glassie Newport
Matthew Battershall Oatley
Craig Thomas Brothers
Jone Tagivetaua Brothers
James Price Brothers
Nick Walker UNSW
Timoci Vosaicake Brothers
Tom Hillard Barker
Steve Dawson Forest
Toby Forde St Ives
Angas McDonald UNSW
Connal Hanvey Hunters Hill
Max Fletcher Newport
Sam Hewitt Newport
Tristan Douwes St Ives
Scott England Barker
Marc Carberry Oatley
Andrew Geldens Lindfield
Lenny Rawara Brothers
Jeremy Clarke Lindfield

Division 3
Daniel Serra Hills
Timothy Moule KOBS
Ben Evans Waverly
Toby Buchannan KOBS
Josh Stevens Waverly
Ryan James Hawkesbury Valley
Michael O’Driscoll Waverly
Ofa Matau UWSH
Josh Fergusson Hills
Ryan Siviour Hills
Mitchell Gibbs UWSH
Jeff Ryan UWSH
Tom Gorman Hills
Rory Garnham Epping
Leveni Huavi Hornsby
Daniel Serra Hills
Scott Templeton Kings Old Boys
Daniel Chedad UWSH
James Glasson Waverly
David Murray Epping
Toby Newton-McGeeEpping
Kalefonia Halifonia Hornsby
Amena Bushell Epping
John Carters Epping
Shawn Howell Hills


Alex Ross (28)
Just heard that the Division 3 team defeated the Division 2 team 24-7. Not sure of the scorers, or who actually played. If I find out the teams and the try scorers will update.


George Gregan (70)
There were a bunch of lads in the Brookvale Hotel afterwards having (more than) a few ales, wearing that badge ;)
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