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England v Australia

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Bob McCowan (2)
Well. Guess that's it. Almost wish I hadn't got a ticket to RWC.

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Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
Nic White finished the test with a silly pass to no one. Shades of the Box Kick episode previously.

Full time England 26 Australia 17

Choking title to AUS.

ENG better in the piggies, even though their front row were packing illegally all day long. Ref's didn't penalise them so they continued to do so, and good on them.

Real problems with the English backs will trouble them for RWC.

Courtney Lawes was magnificent for them today.

AUS have some loose forward issues to sort out.
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Tom Lawton (22)
Head butt tackle? Nothing wrong with Barritts tackle there. He may not be my favourite 13 but he is a tough cookie

Mr Doug

Dick Tooth (41)
As Rex Mossop would have said; "And for the benefit of those of you who don't have colour-TV, Australia was the team that scored the least number of points"!!

Thanks for the comments folks, have a happy and safe Christmas-New Year.


Bob McCowan (2)
Nail in the coffin from nic white again? Even if it was a definite loss- he sure knows how to finish on a eff up.

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Nicholas Shehadie (39)
What a shocker....we can run the ball and make metres but our scrum is a mess.....what have the ARU been doing for the last 10 years?
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