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France v Australia

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Peter Fenwicke (45)
Well done AAC (Adam Ashley-Cooper). France didn't seem too interested in defending there but he did well to finish that one off.


Dick Tooth (41)
Great play wallabies, strong and technically impressive dricing maul from the close lineout, phipps to foley to AAC (Adam Ashley-Cooper) for the try on the short side.

Dave Beat

Paul McLean (56)
First forward go forward and try.
It could building it from the engine (maybe ARU needs to know who to build).


Foley is having a Quade of a night, dropped balls and turnovers mixed with individual brilliance setting up a try.


George Smith (75)
Staff member
Good exit from our half there through TK and Folau, then got a bit static. Can someone tell Simmo to run onto the ball a bit? Some are hitting at pace, some are flat-footed. It's a bit hit and miss. Too much shovelling sideways at times too.
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