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G&GR Broken?

Dismal Pillock

Andrew Slack (58)
Moses has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to fix current problems.


"Fear not goat lamb thing, for I shall protect you from these 'current problems'..... hang about...... 'current'..... the Red Sea before me...... 'current'..... think Moses, think..... the solution is right there before me..... still thinking..... give me a minute here fatty....."


Chris McKivat (8)
Staff member
"Welcome to the Green and Gold Rugby forums. As you can see we've upgraded the forums to new software.
That software must be made of rock-solid Gunstonite installed by Stevie Wonder. In the dark.

The "upgrade" seems to have erased the "who's online" stats on the right and left all the other non-functioning broken shit.. still non-functioning and broken.


Although on the bright side, shit has got a lot wiiiiider

Time for an update



Chris McKivat (8)
Staff member
a short history...

CDN provider turned off their shit about when this thread started. I updated the theme at the time but missed some overrides in the xenforo config file so avatars, images and some javascript stopped working.

Last Sunday I tried to upgrade xenforo to v2. To do this I had to uninstall all addons, including tapatalk.

The upgrade failed, because... PHP version unsupported by xf2 so tried to upgrade php, but it's compiled from source and part if apache2. So recompiled upgrade from source but that failed cause ubuntu version is out of support. So upgraded ubuntu but that failed as the repositories are no longer maintained.

Meanwhile the server is still running, but ssh / sftp don't work so challenges everywhere. So restored server from backup last week, and tapatalk is borked.

This server was my first shot at linux, pretty happy it ran for almost 10 years, but it's time for an upgrade. So now we're starting again. New server is in Sydney with East Coast Bias hard-wired into its' core. It's a off the shelf LAMP server very few customisations, and we'll hope to turn off a lot of the shit that's accumulated over the years and get back to something that can be supported.

New system is close, maybe this week. It's running the latest wordpress and xenforo 2.02.


John Hipwell (52)
Staff member
Testing of Tapatalk alerts work when I add from Tapatalk.

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