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Galloping Greens

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Jimmy Flynn (14)
A slightly chilly but Sunny day at The Wicks as the Rats are made welcome by a good crowd.
Some subtle jabs about the ARU and professional rugby heard around the ground conversations for some lead up.
Excitement was the order of the day starting with Fourth grade.
The Rats go ahead, then the wicks all the way through a very good match. Finally the wicks pull ahead after the bell . One of the best fourth grade games I have watched.- Wicks 31-26
Third grade the rats had the better organisation and were never really troubled by the spirited Wicks . Plenty of Passion from both sides but Rats worthy winners at 31-17.
Second grade and Wicks get an early lead 10-0 before the rats come back hard. There were lots of scrum penalties going in to the half. The second half saw Wicks pot a penalty before Rats go in for their first try 13-7 followed immediately by another 14-13 and the Wicks looked in trouble. Rats get a string of penalties to get close enough to pot one and go 17-13. Wicks looked done but a very late rally and they score to take the game 20-17.
Both Clubs look very well drilled and mostly their discipline is very good.
First Grade saw two very evenly matched teams go at it. Rats inventive play down the blind and they are 5-0. Wicks go hard on attack but Rats come right back to score 10-0
Wicks on attack and good break by 12 leads to a try 10-7
Rats right back for a penalty followed by a Wicks penalty for 10-10 until ex Wicks player number 7 backs up well for Rats try 17-10
Rats appear comfortable going into half time.
Wicks giving away penalties and Rats pot one for 20-10. This followed by a Blind mans kick at restart gives rats a scrum then penalty on the half way. 23-10 . The Wicks seem to have no team flow through the centers but then Starky is brought on. Almost immediately Wicks score 23-15. Rats return the favor much too easily 30-15 and the game looks won. The Wicks back-line seems to regain its mojo and they are in again 30-22. The crowd enjoying every play as the Wicks go in again to make the final score 30-29 to the Rats.
A great afternoon of rugby.

the coach

Bob Davidson (42)
Wicks played at the Rats end of the park for long periods but declined 4 very kickable penalty opportunities. They failed to score tries from any of the ensuing lineouts. Not much point in dominating field position if you don't take the points on offer. And they lost by 1 point!

TAKE THE BLOODY POINTS :mad::mad::mad:
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