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Highlanders V Rebels - Sat 20th @2:35


Bob Davidson (42)
I am very worried. The first half is usually the Rebels best.

Crikey. The Highlanders don't have a best half.

I haven't watched much this year but how the fuck do we have a geriatric English first-five? Surely we can muster a 10, go grab whoever's playing for Otago Boy's, at least he could run at the line once or twice.

Pone's Mullet

Bob Loudon (25)
Serious question- what are the consequences for refs when week in week out a huge number of (potentially game changing) errors occur - of the Rebels lose by las than 7 it’s a joke


Herbert Moran (7)
That’s a ridiculous call. In what world is that worthy of a penalty but Smith carrying on with it like that isn’t? Really dislike Williams as a ref.


Bob Loudon (25)
Apparently the Kiwi refs can read minds. canham didnt kick out it was gravity dragging his large foot back to ground and the yappy little prick was in the way.

Rebel man

Ken Catchpole (46)
If Canham can get done for kicking then that has to be a shoulder charge as there was no real effort to wrap