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How many NRC games have you attended?

Eyes and Ears

John Solomon (38)
The Green and Gold Rugby community was very keen on the re-introduction of a 3rd tier national competition. How well have we supported it?


John Hipwell (52)
Staff member
Only one thus far, another one tonight. Missed the first home game. Hopefully we make the finals, then I will see more.


John Hipwell (52)
Staff member
No doubt a glimpse of Sam Newman's arse is far more appealing for you that a night of good Rugby :)

Forgot that was on accross the road. Hope they don't fill up the Pubs along Bridge road before the game.

Train Without a Station

You mean Swan Street?

I'm a real Rising fan. I only go to the away games haha.


John Hipwell (52)
Staff member
Yep, thats the one I meant. Swan street. Least Collingwood isn't in the grand final, couldn't handle all the one-tooth grins.


Tim Horan (67)
Staff member
I've been to all I can. But I get in for free. Er I mean I'm part of the media! Missed the last one at Ballymore but I've been to two there, one at Bond and one at Cbus. I'm going to miss the big Qld derby this weekend because the stupid Surf Club rostered me on patrol.


No mate, looks like I'm headed to the AFL Footy Show.

I'll just wait here quietly until my ban to the forum takes affect.

Wait no longer. Lifetime ban and restriction of oxygen to apply with immediate effect.

In case you are wondering how I can apply an oxygen restriction, the truth is I can't. However, once you walk into Rod Laver arena with all those AFL supporters tonight, it will happen all rather naturally!



John Thornett (49)
both Rising home games so far, again tonight and i will be in Perth on Saturday, so hope to get along to the Spirit game if i can.


Peter Fenwicke (45)
3 so far and will finish with 5. The Bris City Ballymore Matches + the Test curtain raisers on the GC and at Suncorp.


Bill McLean (32)
Tonight's number three. Unfortunately it will be my last, unless the Rising make the big dance.

Off to Nepal next Friday.

I like to watch

David Codey (61)
4 for me.
One at each of the Sydney teams home ground.
If memory serves Coogee oval was significantly the most expensive,in the worst venue by some margin.


Ron Walden (29)
about to go to the first on Sunday. I'm banking on the crowd being one of the bigger ones for season 1 though the ballymore game will no doubt post the biggest crowd for the year. Hope the final is bigger!