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Wayne Gunston's Fukushima Spa and Hot Pools.
Gidday, dickheads.
Welcome to Wayne Gunston's Fukushima Spa and Hot Pools.
I am Wayne Gunston of Wayne Gunston's Fukushima Spa and Hot Pools.
Our spot on the beautiful Fukushima coastline looks even better in broad daylight!
What a truly immersive and submersive experience it is soaking in the hot pools at
Wayne Gunston's Fukushima Spa and Hot Pools.
One brief thing first; can you fucking swim?
Because some of our pools are very, very fucking deep.
If you bring in toddlers make sure they have their water wings on.
It's quite dark inside our hot pools.
Like this:
"Mummy? Mummy, where are you? Mummy, help me, mummy, I
think I'm being sucked out to seeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaa..."
Aah, that was refreshing.
Had enough soaking in the hot pools?
Why not pop onto a sunbed!
Chuck away your brolly, no need for sunglasses or some stupid old lady's bonnet, we here at Wayne Gunston's Fukushima Spa and Hot Pools harness all the rich warmth of natural fissive energy to give YOU a warm a soothing and PERMANENT all-over glowing tan! Even on your nuts!*
*if you're a lady and you don't have a nutsack at the present time, well, you will after this.
Wayne Gunston's Fukushima Spa and Hot Pools are located here;
Never mind the barbeques in the adjacent buildings.
That's a separate business and you are not invited so just stay put in those hot pools or on that fucking sunbed!
Gunston Google InfoMercial:
We take pre-bookings.
Pay now, pasty c**ts.
"This way to Wayne Gunston's Fukushima Spa and Hot Pools! Mind your step, woman!"
"Haha, he says he can't land a plane and his chin was like that BEFORE he went to Wayne Gunston's Fukushima Spa and Hot Pools!
"I order you to get back on that fucking sunbed!"
Righto, I'm sure we'll be seeing you soon down here at
Wayne Gunston's Fukushima Spa and Hot Pools.
Don't forget to pack your lead-lined togs! That is if you ever want to replace your toddlers that got washed out to sea, hahahaha, dickheads!
--Wayne Gunston of
Wayne Gunston's Fukushima Spa and Hot Pools.


Welcome to DP World.

We run logistics and support for Dismal Pillock's picture hosting and worldwide photo essay operations.

This is just one of the many loading platforms where we intercept all containers containing The Hopes
And Dreams of The Auckland Blues Rugby Football Team so we can dump that shit straight into the ocean.

"LOL, these clowns thought they were going to beat the Cantabs"

DP World are an International Operation.

"No, we are not rubber stamping more genocide in Rwanda.
Look, why don't you take that fucken camera elsewhere, c**t?"

DP World is a subsidiary of Gunston Heavy Industries.


DP World also operate in Australia and have a close alliance with Gunston Heavy Industries, the world's leading shipping company.


DP World also have a heavy presence in Europe, you shitheads.

"Granny tranny grot? Oh fuck yeah, just go straight through mate".


Our London Gateway Warehouse houses so many grot dvd's that all our forklift drivers went blind and accidentally drove their forklifts right into the fucken ocean.

RIP, pervy c**ts.


"4EvaGunstonEverGreen? Try CC/100/666. Over".
"Copy that".

"My stiffy under the table right now is THIS fucken big"

"Are you fucking arseholes still here?"

"The fuck you just call me?"

"Grouse Hunter"??

This nonsense is writing itself at this stage.

"We here at DP World would never khasshoggi a jewish fella. Do we look that dumb? The jews know where all the fucken money is FFS".

Arabic lettering says "This container houses The Hopes And Dreams of The

Auckland Blues Rugby Football Team. Do not open until 20202020 LOL".
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FBI Top Ten Most Wanted List


10. Ost Botha


Aliases: Ost, The Boet Butcher.

Wanted for:
  • unlicensed plastic surgery
  • aboard a boat
  • at high speed
  • all of the above at the same time

9. Roger Gavaskar


Aliases: Rog.

Wanted for:

8. Masahiro Sato


Aliases: Sato-san.

Wanted for:

7. Anton


Aliases: "Anton".

Wanted for:
  • bludgeoning to death numerous endangered species
  • while the animals were still alive
  • executed right in front of paying restaurant customers
  • right at their tables
  • a budgie for fucks sake
  • an exploded parakeet on a stick
  • lightly seasoned with paprika.
  • sounds quite good actually
  • when you put it like that

6. Raelene Gunston


Aliases: Raels, Wayne's Sheila, Wayne's root, Mrs Wayne, that bitch.

Wanted for:

5. Gene Gunston


Aliases: Gene-o, Genus, The Genester, Shithead.

Wanted for:
  • being a drongo
  • being no oil painting
  • being thick as a plank
  • losing corpses

4. Judge Gordon "Gangbang" Gunston


Aliases: The Judge, Gordo, The Gordster, "Gangbang" Gordo.

Wanted for:

3. Wayne Gunston


Aliases: Wayne-o, Wankerface Wayne, Wankerface Wayne-o.

Wanted for:
  • corrosive handsomeness
  • just being too damn good-looking
  • having an overly-suave manner with the ladies
  • nicking 7 cubic tonnes of sky-blue urinal cakes from the Redfern RSL bogs over a 20-year period
  • repackaging the stolen urinal cakes as sweets and shipping them to Africa via https://gunstonshipping.wixsite.com/ship

2. Trevor Gunston


Aliases: Trevor.

Wanted for:

1. Aunty Doris Gunston


Aliases: Dorr-o, Aunty Dorr-o, The Evangelion of Death, The Sconemaker, The Sheikbaker.

Wanted for:
  • excessive sherry intake
  • throwing scones at visiting dignitaries
  • hard scones
  • some of them rock-hard
  • rubber-stamping the dumping of an unspecified number of corpses down at the quarry https://gunstonundertakers.wixsite.com/death
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