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ISA 2018


Bob McCowan (2)
Tough day in the office for the boys in black...

Actually, a tough season overall so far. What was predicted to be a formidable team to carry on the momentum of last year's surprising 1st XV has copped quite a few setbacks to hinder this. Injuries throughout the whole Opens has stretched the depth of this side (14 injuries if I recall correctly from one of the parents) as a result of the gruelling pre season draw.

It is for that reason alone that I see the main risk of a prolonged pre season and a one round comp...

Pats 1sts, 2nds and 16A's play Knox this coming break, on the last Saturday of the break.
Kudos to the rugby master for rebooting the traditional fixture! I wonder how they'll fare with the usual favourites this year?

Any other holiday fixtures for the other schools?

KWS 74 Pats 12

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Central Best

Chris McKivat (8)
I don't believe Stannies have any games over the break.
ISA 1sts are going to have a tough game tomorrow against CAS just watched the game against GPS and CAS looked very strong.
Good luck to all the ISA boys playing over the weekend

Central Best

Chris McKivat (8)
HB just got the score from the CAS forum, Tom Hooper 4 was playing for ISA not sure how he went, they must have played well though seeing as though CAS got the better of GPS the other day.
Hopefully there will be some video come through in the next couple of days.


Bob Loudon (25)
Rod Skellet on the CAS thread you can see has posted that Tom Hooper played well. He is one to keep an eye on. Thanks for responding CB!!

Central Best

Chris McKivat (8)
Would have loved to be down watching the games today, they have some seriously good players to choose from this year for the NSW sides. Will definitely get down to Riverview for the Championships.

rod skellet

Bob Davidson (42)
HB just got the score from the CAS forum, Tom Hooper 4 was playing for ISA not sure how he went, they must have played well though seeing as though CAS got the better of GPS the other day.
Hopefully there will be some video come through in the next couple of days.

Tom Hooper played well. He had some very strong carries. Best for ISA was Freeman. I think he will be openside flanker for NSW1 with Reimer and Moretti. Wilson was equal with Edmed in the 10 dept. CAS wingers were definately better both on defense and offense. Your 15 Danial Ala needed to get more involved. He has speed and skills. Preston Simpson was on hand to score 2 tries but much of the credit was to others for setting him up. The ISA scrum was not balanced and the CAS tight 5 got the upper hand as the match progressed. CAS always looked more threatening and were probably a 2 try better side than the score suggests.

Central Best

Chris McKivat (8)
Cheers Rod
Thanks for the update mate some seriously good backrowers there also love that winger Bryden fantastic committment with that tackle on Sualli through the week. Wilson was strong against stannies a couple of weeks ago.
All looks good for NSW sides


Syd Malcolm (24)
NSW I (1-23)

Angus Bell (Newington College/GPS), Billy Pollard (Barker College/CAS), Thomas Lambert (Trinity Grammar/CAS), Jeremy Williams (The Scots College/GPS), Will Harris (The Scots College/GPS), Luke Reimer (Barker College/CAS), Donny Freeman (Kinross Wolaroi/CAS), Luca Moretti (Waverley/CAS), Seb Strang (The Scots College/GPS), Tane Edmed (Trinity/CAS), Matthew Dutallis (St Ignatius College/GPS), Joey Walton (Wadalba High School/CHS), Lachlan Ilias (Trinity/CAS), Fred Tricks (The Scots College/GPS), John Connolly (The Kings School/GPS).

Reserves: Will McLennan (St Ignatius College/GPS), Angus Collison (Barker College/CAS), Nicholas Wingrove (The Scots College/GPS), Oliver Smyth (John Pauls College Coffs Harbour/CCC), Hugh Bokenham (St Joseph’s College/GPS), Lachlan Albert (St Ignatius College/GPS), Charlie Savala (The Scots College/GPS), Jack Mossman (The Scots College/GPS).

NSW II (1-23)

Hugo Patterson (The Scots College/GPS), Jack Winchester (Bishop Druitt College/AICES), Archer Holz (The Kings School/GPS), Tom Hooper (St. Stanislaus College/ISA), Lachlan Dring (Barker College/CAS), Sean Vaivelata (St Augustine’s College/ISA), Zac Barnabas (St Augustine’s College/ISA), Aiden Kelso (Kinross Wolaroi/ISA), David Tejcek (Barker College/CAS), Matt Minogue (The Kings School/GPS), Liam Scolari (St Joseph’s College/GPS), Vincent Creagh (St Joseph’s College/GPS), Faiva Faiva (Campbelltown PAHS/CHS), Angus Bell (St Ignatius College/GPS), Daniel Ala (St Augustine’s College/ISA).

Reserves: Julian Heaven (St Joseph’s College/GPS), Will Smith (Kinross Wolaroi/ISA), Malachi Hawkes (Trinity/CAS), Doughal O’Reilly (McCarthy Catholic College/CCC), Hagen Size (Farrer MAHS/CHS), Cooper Chambers (Trinity/CAS), Harry Wilson (St Augustine’s College/ISA), Joshua Rizk (Holy Cross College/CCC).

Ball in hand

Frank Nicholson (4)
Anyone have any scores from the 16s games today.
ISA 2s (gold) had a heavy loss to GPS 1 first up then had a tough fought 20 all draw against Aices and got through on first try scored after both teams scored equal number of tries
ISA 1 (black) went down 10-5 to GPS 2 in a great game. Had a few chances to get over the line towards the end with one try borderline held up and one ball lost over the line. Their last game against CCC was called off after one of the CCC lads fell awkwardly in a tackle and an ambulance was called. CCC were up 10-0 at the time so the game was awarded to them.
Tomorrow the blacks play Aices and the golds play CCC