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Kings and Queens of the Pacific - Nov 16, 23 and 30

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Arch Winning (36)
The Kings and Queens of the Pacific Rugby (KQPR) tournament is on for the next three Saturdays. This year Logan rugby is hosting the tournament. This year's teams are:
  • Queensland Samoa
  • Queensland Tonga
  • Brisbane Fijian Rugby
  • Niue Queensland
  • Cook Islands Rugby Queensland
  • Dream Time Rugby (the Australian Indigenous team)
If you follow any of the teams on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter you will see just how seriously the communities are taking this competition, and it's been pretty awesome to see that so many of the Super Rugby and Australian players of Pacific Islander backgrounds are getting behind the tournament.

The action kicks off at 10am at Logan City Rugby Union grounds with the Women's 7s comp.
200 Queens Rd, Slacks Creek. (Opening Ceremony at 9 includes the AOB crew - Charlie Fetoai's dance crew that came 3rd on that tv show)

The match of the day for the first day HAS to be Queensland Tonga facing Queensland Samoa at 5:10pm.


Arch Winning (36)
There are a LOT of very handy footballers playing in the tournament. Some that I know of:

Teti Tela (Uni)
Semiti Tela (GPS)
Mika Tela (Bank)
Kirwan Sanday (Easts)
Pettowa Paraka (Easts)
Vuki Mataitini (Norths - Premier Rugby's leading try scorer)
Johnny Wilder (Easts)
Damian Stowers (GPS)

Phil Kite (GPS)
Ryan Freney (GPS)
David Feao (Souths)
Mafi Kefu (Souths)
Isaac Helu (Uni)
Sam Satui (GPS)

Rex Tapuai (Bank)
Scott Malolua (GPS)
Stef Hunt

Andrew Walker (Easts, Australia, Brumbies...:))
Andrew Muirhead (Souths)

I know there are other "famous" players, especially for Samoa, but my sources are Tongan, Fijian and GPS-aligned.

Does anyone know of others?


Nev Cottrell (35)
I think a few of the Slade boys from GPS will be turning out for Samoa, Roy, Donovan and Ses I know are still playing rugby and have strong ties to lots of the Samoan rugby programs.

What is the go with non-islander affiliated players being able to play? For example I know Damian Stower has about as much Fijian in him as Brian O'Driscoll.


Arch Winning (36)
I have checked with my source:

  • For the "big three" (Fiji, Samoa and Tonga) they can have up to 2 non-Islander players. For the remaining teams they must have at least 50% of their players from that background.
  • The non-Islander players still have to learn the war dance of the team they're playing for. Along with the food* I think this is the best bit
  • Ses Slade is playing for Samoa, and I am told that Donovan is a coach, but is also itching to pull on the boots, so we'll see. Stan Pilecki is bound to be down on the weekend supporting the Samoans too.

*I think the canteen will be open, but if you're up to trying new things the Islander communities will be selling their traditional food.


Nev Cottrell (35)
Thanks for that Cat, I think that seems like a fair quota for the teams.

I'm sure Donovan will strap the boots on, he's the best inside back i've ever played with, for someone fairly small hes so strong and good in contact, even in his older age (must be in his mid 30s) he'd still be picked for many Premier Grade sides IMO.

Sounds like its going to be a great day out there, i'll definitely be going along.

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
That is something that we should have a lash at doing south of the Tweed River. Sounds a great idea for a great day/s of footy.

Gala day out at Merrilands RSL Oval or something like that.


Herbert Moran (7)
The Tongans have some pretty handy players right accross the park with previously mentioned players lacing up alongside names like Mafile'o Kefu (Ex Toulon, Ikale Tahi International and Souths Magpies Stalwart), Simana Halaifonua (Ikale Tahi Rugby Sevens International), Maile Ngauamo (Aust.20's, Reds Training squad, Sunnybank Dragons), Sam Satui (Ex Ikale Tahi International, GPS Rugby stalwart.), Paea Siulangapo (Ikale Tahi International Representative) and also Sione Kite (Northland ITM B squad) to name just a few of the credentials behind the QLD Tonga set up. If Premier clubs were smart they would also get on the blower to blokes like Mahe Paseka and Sebastian Filipe (along with others) who would absolutely flourish at a top line club. The same can be said for a number of players right across the 6 teams with rough diamonds in all squads.

I know the Samoans also have the young Junior Laloifi who recently played in the Gold Coast 7's for Australia, Ruben Leilua who has come back from Northland in the ITM system, and QLD Cup top try scorer from last year Ramon Filipine all on their books for this year as well.

The Cooks have 4-5 current Cook Islands Internationals on their books as well, which makes for some really high quality rugby.

In the men's ("Kings") side of the draw there are positions made available to players from non competing nations to participate from other Pacific communities to give them an insight into what is required to participate in future versions of the competitions. It is also set up for players to get involved (as in Stowers and Freney's case) to get a real life experience of what it is like to fully immerse in the Pacific Island cultures.

The women's side of the draw ("Queens") is a little more relaxed in terms of player eligibility in appreciation for its developing status in the State but the emphasis really in on quality on both sides of the draw. Was a bloody good day of footy yesterday.


Chilla Wilson (44)
One rule which i saw on the weekend which i Really enjoyed the simple rule of if there is a mistake with the scrum or line out rather then go for the reset a simple tap ball is sufficient.

speeds up the game. This rule implemented higher up through the different leagues would really appeal to all the critics who say rugby has too many restarts... it also caters to the old school fans by not eliminating the scrum or lineout.
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