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L.A. 7s


Steve Williams (59)
Australia through to the semi-finals after a thumping win over Ireland, 36-0. Playing a much tougher Fiji in the semi finals at 8:21am AEDT.


Steve Williams (59)
Aaaaaand the golden run comes crashing down. The gap between Aus & the top is still pretty large as we lose to Fiji 43-7. Playing off for Bronze against NZ, who got whitewashed by South Africa in the other semi, 17-0.


Andrew Slack (58)
Maybe they could've saved some gas when playing the QF? Dunno.

That's something successful teams seem to know how to manage.


Andrew Slack (58)
they got blown off the park.
Never said they weren't.

This team is still getting physically bashed.

The NZ #6 was good at closing down for a big unit. Nice score to end the half to get to 2 tries apiece.

Tough now with the YC, tho

I like to watch

David Codey (61)
Oh ok, I thought your point was that fitness was the issue.

as an aside, time for a few tough decisions from the coach.

Hutchinson is small,has zero ball skills,and is slow, he is long overdue for a career change.
Holland never been the same since his knee? Injury.
Id be cutting him as well.