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Lycra Fashion or What Not To Wear When Cycling

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Tim Horan (67)
Staff member
I think we need photographic proof that you're all decent before you go riding! It's only fair.


Arch Winning (36)
Sully usually when I say I need photographic proof of men's decency in Lycra I get shouted down as "inappropriate" or a "pervert". It's refreshing to see a man ask for the same information- you're right: it is only fair.

GAGC Swimsuit Edition. I like it.

Inside Shoulder

Nathan Sharpe (72)


George Gregan (70)
I used to be wary of Lycra until I realised it is simply the best option when you want to ride further than the shops, and not have all manner of chafing. I see people riding in t-shirts and chuckle to myself


Lycra dries farking quick as well. Nothing worse than getting into wet clothing for cycle home.


Tim Horan (67)
Staff member
Lycra, carbon fibre, low rolling resistance tyres. It's all cheating.

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Greg Davis (50)
I have once seen a track rider were a king of the mountains jersey on a velodrome. It was a good laugh.

I wear team jerseys with plain black bibs because team clothes (or chinese rip offs) are cheap, usually $15-$30 delivered.

I see it no different to wearing footy jerseys, I support the teams so I wear the jerseys.

I would never wear a national / world champ jersey or a sprinters / KOM jersey as you are setting yourself to look like a tool
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