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Melbourne Rebels Players - where are they going?


Peter Fenwicke (45)
As the Rebels close down some are staying in Australia and some are heading overseas. I and many here are interested in where they end up and from that being able to follow their rugby careers. The SMH mentions these possible changes and they also state that ~50% were contracted into 25 and RA will try to find homes for them.

Carter Gordon, most probably to league possibly but Reds interested in him and his brother Mason.
Tupoa to Tahs most probably.
Talaki overseas probably
LSL (Lukhan Salakaia-Loto) back to the Reds
Canham to Reds probably
Tualima to the Brumbies
Kemeny to Northhampton
Lancaster wanted by Reds and others
Daugunu to Reds
Kellaway to Tahs

I wonder what impact these guys will have on these other franchises. The surprise is that the Brumbies don't figure strongly in the bidding which suggests they have little need for additions to their playing ground.

Brumby Runner

Jason Little (69)
On the Brumbies SMI, their biggest player losses in 2025 will be Darcy Swain and Jahrome Brown. From the Rebels squad, I reckon the best fit in like for like replacements would be Canham or LSL (Lukhan Salakaia-Loto) for Swain and Kemeny for Brown. If Canham and LSL (Lukhan Salakaia-Loto) are off to the Reds and Kemeny is already on his way overseas, I just don't think there are others who would at least keep the Brumbies squad at par. Anyone else would see a drop in quality.

Other than replacing for the losses and looking towards longer term potential, I think the young No 7/8 Nabolakasi would be a good pickup. And if a No 12 option is needed to fill the spot left by Tua (who was really quite inconsistent this year and had as many ordinary games as highlights) then maybe Felaiui would be of interest.

Proud Pig

Tom Lawton (22)
I would have thought that Wilkins would been a likely target for the Brumbies, as would Kailea and Gibbon.

Brumby Runner

Jason Little (69)
I probably thought all available props would be heading to the Tahs.

Brumbies are reasonably off for LHPs with Slipper, Schoupp, Vella and Van Nek (these days), even though they finished with injury problems this year.


Geoff Shaw (53)
Mafi to Japan,
Gordon to NRL
Kemeny to England
Kellaway to Tahs

I am guessing with Tahs not having a coach in 2025 no player is going to rush to NSW until they know whos in charge, another FUCK up by Waugh and Co for 2024.


Geoff Shaw (53)
I think the Brumbies would do well with Pone or Eloff as an impact sub at TH

Canham to replace Neville as his now 35 wouldn't be a bad idea.


Fred Wood (13)
Mafi to Japan,
Gordon to NRL
Kemeny to England
Kellaway to Tahs

I am guessing with Tahs not having a coach in 2025 no player is going to rush to NSW until they know whos in charge, another FUCK up by Waugh and Co for 2024.
Agreed - I sense more will head overseas before RA resolve the Waratahs mess.


Peter Fenwicke (45)
It never ceases to amaze how NSW can totally screw up just about everything it touches. The players they keep perform poorly and those they get rid of blossom. As the second largest feeder in the country they should be solid.

This is the Rebels squad listed at the start of this season. We know about several of them but there is still a number hanging around.

I'll update it as more information becomes available.

2024 Melbourne Rebels Squad

Front Row

Matt Gibbon - Reds

Cabous Eloff - Tahs rumour

Isaac Kailea Reds

Alex Mafi - Japan

Jordan Uelese - France

Ethan Dobbins

Pone Fa’amausili

Sam Talakai

Taniela Tupou - Tahs

Josh Canham - Reds

Luhkan Salakai-Loto

Angelo Smith

Tuaina Taii Tualima - Brumbies

Back Row
Vaiolini Ekuasi

Zac Hough

Josh Kemeny - England

Rob Leota

Daniel Maiava

Brad Wilkin

Ryan Louwrens

James Tuttle

Jack Maunder -France

Carter Gordon - NRL

Jake Strachan - Southland in NPC

Mason Gordon

David Feliuai

Lukas Ripley

Matt Proctor

Nick Jooste

Lebron Naea

Divad Palu

David Vaihu

Filipo Daugunu - Reds

Back 3
Lachie Anderson - Reds

Andrew Kellaway - Tahs

Darby Lancaster

Joe Pincus

Glen Vaihu
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Steve Williams (59)
That Reds list is stacked for next year. Going to be tough balancing minutes around the group

Blyth, Canham, LSL (Lukhan Salakaia-Loto), Smith, Uru (?).......Vest, Daily in the row. Going to be some very good players not getting much of a game.

And there are good options at 6 already too - so no spots there for this group


Nick Farr-Jones (63)
I assume Daly might be one and done if Salakia-Loto and Canham are coming in. Might head back down to Sydney given his time at Randwick. Uru probably shifts over to the back row more often and Bryant's minutes get managed while he's still young. Connor Anderson probably moves on from the back row too, though that doesn't really free up game time. The off season games the Reds are booking in probably heaps them sell this to a wider group, with more opportunities for game time throughout the squad.


John Thornett (49)

> Melbourne Rebels Players - where are they going?
> Vaiolini Ekuasi