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Melbourne Rebels vs Auckland Blues, May 15, 2021


Alan Cameron (40)
What’s happened to To'omua, only two months ago he was playing well

Comparatively to...2015?

Jump onto Stan sport and watch the 16-16 draw against NZ last year. I did recently, and he was shockingly out of his depth. JOC was good, but holy shit, watching it again without the emotion of the moment, he was...not an asset to the team.


Michael Lynagh (62)
Glad the Blues got that try because if the ref had played penalty would of been a YC. I happier with 15 on 15
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Michael Lynagh (62)
Have to say, like the game young Zarn Sullivan playing tonight. Christie having a cracker too.


Chilla Wilson (44)
Idk what's been worse so far. Rieko's handling or SBW's commentary.

The answer is Ioane's handling. William's is infinitely better when he's allowed to be himself and speak like the South Auckland MAGS boy he is rather than trying to ramble on about superficial stats and whatever else is on the script the producers are giving him.