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Music ???


Frank Nicholson (4)
There's a classic rugby video in the comments following Bob's (cool) post on the 9/10 positions.
Good footage, but the noise (music?) that accompanies it is the worst I've heard in my 50 long years and makes me REALLY BAD want an M16 and matching shopping mall.
FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, who in the sam hell thinks that's a worthwhile sound track for rugby ?
What's wrong with the world ?
It's like walking out the front door and there's no gravity.
Somebody should do something..

Dismal Pillock

Steve Williams (59)
latest purchases;

ARCWELDER captain 7 100 yen
AUTEURS chinese bakery 7 100 yen
AUTUERS how could i 12" 100 yen
BAUHAUS lagartija nick 12 400 yen. godhead
BELLE AND SEBASTIAN boy with arab strap LP 800 yen. only really like about 2 songs from here
BETA BAND broke 12 400 yen
BETA BAND to you alone 12 450 yen
BIG BLACK atomizer lp 900 yen. finally
BOB DYLAN blonde on blonde LP 1120 yen. bit disappointed in this. supposed to be all that and a bag of chups but I reckon I like the "New Morning" and Blood on the tracks" lps better. Even like "Oh Mercy" better i reckon
BRAINBOMBS burning hell LP 1330 yen. utter fucking eureka moment finding this
CAREER SUICIDE s/t 7 300 yen
CAREER SUICIDE signals pic 7 350 yen
CAVE IN jupiter LP 700 yen. about the 3rd reacquisition for this
CHARLES WRIGHT & 103RD ST BAND wine 7 100 yen
CORRUPTED la victima 7 700 yen. why oh why did I sell all my Corrupted lp's, moran
COWPERS rattle 7 800 yen. the long hunt is over
DOT mathians 7 400 yen
DOT ultimate 7 300 yen
ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN silver 12 100 yen
COP SHOOT COP ask CD 300 yen
ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN killing moon 12 300 yen
FALL this nations saving lp 1300 yen
FALL a sides CD 400 yen. some people think of the Beatles as being synonymous with music. thats how I think of The Fall. staple, go-to.
FALL perverted by language CD 700 yen. GODHEAD
FALL cerebral CD 300 yen
FALL i am kurious oranji CD 400 yen
JOHN FOXX burning car 12 350 yen
JOHN FOXX no one 7 300 yen
LES CLAYPOOL highball CD 300 yen
LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM law and order LP 250 yen
MEKONS quality of mercy LP 450 yen. long-term want but its pretty disappointing
MERCURY REV carwash hair 12 100 yen. another eureka moment
MISSION OF BURMA dirt 7 300 yen
MOONSHAKE beautiful pigeon 12 200 yen
OF CABBAGES AND KINGS face LP 100 yen. 2nd time I've bought this, 1st time wasnt impressed after godheadedness of their "Basic Pain" lp, this time it sounds wayy better go figure
PERE UBU dub housing LP 600 yen completley mad but a grower
PERE UBU terminal LP 800 yen big cd upgrade here
PETER GABRIEL big time 12 100 yen
PRIMUS brown album CD 300 yen
PRIMUS pork soda CD 300 yen. cass tape upgrade
UNSANE amrep xmas CD 550 yen reacquisition eureka, finally get to upgrade my dubbed tape from 1999, absolute fucking eureka right there in the shop, eyes rolled to the heavens and an inert little celebration with myself ALL-TIME FAVE BAND
UNSANE peel sessions CD 550 yen
UNWOUND fake train LP 1200 yen bout time i upgraded my 1998 tape

WAR they cant take 7 100 yen
WEDDING PRESENT LP hit parade 1 LP 500 yen haha i have all 12 singles but go and get the comp lp anyway, daft
WEDDING PRESENT mini 10 200 yen
WEDDING PRESENT 3 songs 12 250 yen
WEDDING PRESENT dalliance 12 250 yen. awesome Albini sound
WEDDING PRESENT love nest 12 250 yen

Dismal Pillock

Steve Williams (59)
6 month recap. still no music on my computer and no downloads. Cassette walkman for beyond house

BORN DEAD ICONS new scream industry 10" 800 yen. i'm no anal completist but..... this completes the discography. not their flashest, new vocalist, less mid-pace muntage
SLADE slayed LP 500 yen. best.
DISEMBODIED/BROTHER'S KEEPER lp 300 yen reacquisition, still love that disembodied metal munt.
GROTUS handjob 12" takes me back, bay area etc. 1 track i loik the rest that remix rubbish
Tom Waits - Bad As Me CD $5.00. big. fucking. deal. Pretty fuckin annoying really. Not a patch on bone machine. 1 song I like. Hell Broke.
Neurosis - Live At Roadburn 2007 CD $5.00 slight bummer, touring their worst ever lp "eye of every storm" or whatever it was.
Grinderman 2 CD $5.00 bit bummed after quite rooting the 1st one, 1 song i like here
Asva - Futurist's Against The Ocean CD $5.00 ambient doom metal yeh righto nah too much half tuning twaddle really
Isis - Wavering Radiant CD $5.00 more boring slow metal, got the whole lot by this band now wft
Melvins - Joe Preston CD $5.00 last track 22 min doom opus
Yob - The Unreal Never Lived CD $5.00 got the doom metal sound down, have they got the songs. no.
Unearthly Trance The Trident CD $2.50 metal thats too hectic and fast for me
Cavity - Supercollider CD $5.00 my fillings fahhk total sludge doom munter, this one has frequencies that at 4 million decibels actually hurts my teeth
plus the big purchase of the year of full price mofos from Revolver.

Terminals singles and sundries LP moranically I already have about half this on 7"s
Torche In Return CD + 10", $15.00 some great caveman munt here
Torche / Part Chimp - Split Tour Ep 12", $9.50 and here
Flying Saucer Attack & Roy Montgomery Goodbye LP, $5.85 yes to hypnotic drone
Uv Race Homo LP, $8.85 upgrade from cd. BEST. GOOD WORK STRAYA
Uv Race Racism LP, $9.85 bit too poppy may have lost the homo grunt
Sense Field Fun Never Ends 7", $1.00 quite rooting this
Victor Dimisich Band S/t LP, $10.85 a bit forgettable hopefully a grower from Niew Zllnd
Peter Jefferies Electricity 2XLP, $16.85. not quite rooting this like "last great challenge" or the one with J.Lewie
Sleep Volume One LP $10.85 it aint no dopesmoker yet
Acid King Busse Woods LP, $12.45
Acid King III LP, $11.75
Acid King Free / Down With The Crown LP, $12.50 its all a blur of awesome treacly murder fuzz between these 3


BOB SEGER and The Silver Milf Band- Nine Tonight 2xLP 400 yen. wft was I thinking here, oh thats rigth old Bob was one of my first ever purchases back in the 70's, Hollywood Nights, Still the same, the 10 year old me loved that shit. Fire Lake and one other acoustic one sound alright to the 46 year old me here but wft "who wants to wear gypsy leatherrrr?" Its like Borat meets Bruno.
GOATSNAKE -Black Age 2xLP $16. back after 15 year hiatus, a bit wary to splurge on shipping in the 120 kg lp version, in summary it may be too bluesy and fast for this doomful prick
GOATSNAKE -Trampled Cd $6. this is the shit
LAIR OF THE MINOTAUR -Ultimate destroyer cd $2
LAIR OF THE MINOTAUR -War Metal CD $2. sounded like my bag on youtube but somehow way too fast and hectic for this doomed crockery
WARHORSE LP $14.50 missing the memorable songs but they have the doom munt sound fuck it thats all you need
EDDIE FLOYD knock on wood 7" 100 yen. ace
ROACH, MINGUS etc "Newport Rebels" LP 300 yen. jazz drums eh, who knew
BELLSON AND KRUPA mighty two LP 300 yen. jezz drummers. "Hard Bop" they call it. yeah me neither
ROACH vs RICH LP 300 yen. man these jazz hepcat drummers really go at it. Was going to flip this on the eBay but it sounds nutso on filthy great hoary 70's speakers
SONNY ROLLINS w/MJQ 300 yen. elevator music from an episode of "Mad Men"
ZZ TOP deguello LP 400 yen. better than was expecting


HERBIE HANCOCK fat albert rotunda LP 500 yen. 1969, did Beck rip his whole career thing off this one LP?
BOB SEGER stranger in town LP 200 yen. bit of nostalgia for this 1982 fluffybunny
MILES DAVIS gift pack 2xLP 200 yen. surface noise + jazz = audiosnob nono
HAWKWIND s/t LP 500 yen. 1970 or so, their first, not as solid as I thought it would be
HAWKWIND quark, strangeness LP 500 yen. 1977, top shit, except title track. not rootin that one


HERBIE HANCOCK maiden voyage LP 500 yen. its jezz. thay just make it up.
HERBIE HANCOCK feets dont fail me now LP 300 yen. upgrade. solid funk for us black fullas
TANGERINE DREAM phaedra LP 300 yen. v.mellow ambient, need to crank or it gets lost in the ether. fuck man i dunno, this might be just flat out boring.
MILES DAVES sketches of spain LP 300 yen. more sombre horn shit. seems to be his thing.
Pelican - March Into The Sea CD EP $3 yeh dunno maybe not really
EyeHateGod - Dopesick CD $4 too raucous when expecting sludge
EyeHateGod - Preaching The "End-Time" Message CD $2
ZZ Top - Tres Hombres CD $3 good ol memory lane. surely their best outing here
Superchunk - Incidental Music 1991-95 CD $3
Harvey Milk - The Singles CD $5 fucking munt town murder doom. BEST BAND.
Faust - The Faust Tapes CD $6. wild. just fuckin wild
Scratch Acid - The Greatest Gift CD $3 reacquisition 20 years after, sounds even better now
Sonic Youth - Murray Street CD $2. yeah maybe not really, forgot the whole lot
Van Morrison - Moondance CD $1. could be a grower
The Verlaines - Ready To Fly CD $3 dull as shit
Spiritualized - Royal Albert Hall, October 10, 1997 Live 2xCD $2 bit skwawky
The Dead C - Future Artists CD $3. fucking improv bonkers. They have their moments but fuck I'm just not patient enough for this level of self-indulgence these days
Tyrannosaurus Rex - My People Were Fair $3
Can - Anthology - 25 Years 2xCD $5 fucking awesome
MC5 - Back In The USA CD $2 wft was this boring 1950's tutti frutti shit oops maybe first I should have put on...
MC5 - Kick Out The Jams CD $2 ....OH SHIT the guitar sound, I need to dub this to cassette immediately and play it LOUD on the headphones
GodheadSilo - Skyward In Triumph CD $2 aint got the songs of Share the fantasy but still ace
Queens Of The Stone Age - R CD $2. too polished, too normal. Next!
Vaz - The Lie That Matches The Furniture CD $3 ex-Hammerhead from Amrep, they still got it
The Fall - Extricate CD $4 as usual I play everything and then go back to The Fall.
TORCHE - RESTARTER LP $13.75 mix a bit muddy. need to play louder
ALL NATURAL LEMON & LIME - TURNING INTO SMALL LP $5.25 currently rooting 7"s harder
MONOLORD - VAENIR 2xLP $16.50 total munt doom godhead
PISSED JEANS - SHALLOW LP + 7" LP $12.75 boring gurls oh shit cannot go loud enough
FEEDTIME-THE ABERRANT YEARS (BOX) Vinyl 4xLP $27.75 godhead fart bass sound on 1st lp. STRAAAYA
ELDER-LORE Cassette $4.50 expecting doom but too much malmsteen gitter histrionics
MASTERS OF REALITY HOW HIGH THE MOON (LIVE) Cassette $3.75 top shit. Doraldina is a yes
MONOLORD-EMPRESS RISING Cassette $5. bass distorted to fuck. still works
KING KHAN & THE BBQ SHOW-BAD NEWS BOYS LP $12.75. dull on headphones/top shit out loud


waiopehu oldboy

Nathan Sharpe (72)
Some really obscure music/albums listed on this web page:

This particular album caught my eye:

It's a little-known fact that @Dismal was NZ's first (& to date only) Next Top Male Model, winning the title when both the other finalists succumbed to the effects of some mushrooms @Dismal cooked up in the NZNTMM house (but did not himself consume, it being "just not right for a fun guy to eat fungi, it's pretty much cannabilism").

As part of his prize package (the rest being $100 worth of KFC vouchers & a giant chocolate Easter Bunny) he picked up a modelling contract worth twenty bucks a week & sat for that now-famous Skeptics CD cover. Sadly, but predictably, the suits stiffed him royalties-wise (there being none after the suits had deducted their fees) so he stormed out've the record company, relocated to Pitcairn & has since then been using his avatar as a means of reminding the suits (who, truth be told, don't give a fuck about rugby) that he's owed.

Dismal Pillock

Steve Williams (59)
All true.

Although when you call homebake and mushrooms "homebake mushrooms" it sounds surprisingly appetising.

Then 20 mins later reality sets in and it's holy shit what the hell was that

ps more mancave action. Yes, that's Byron with his head cut off. Happened the day I got him. Instant decapitation. No questions asked. OFF.


waiopehu oldboy

Nathan Sharpe (72)
All true.

Although when you call homebake and mushrooms "homebake mushrooms" it sounds surprisingly appetising.

Then 20 mins later reality sets in and it's holy shit what the hell was that

In my once & once-only experience, a cat appearing to turn itself inside out. And then it got weird :)

ps more mancave action. Yes, that's Byron with his head cut off. Happened the day I got him. Instant decapitation. No questions asked. OFF.


Talk about unforgiving: throw him in chains & flog him like a Strayan bitching about McCaw being offside all day long but decapitation strikes me as being a little extreme. I'm guessing the homebake mushrooms were especially tasty that day........

Dismal Pillock

Steve Williams (59)
not sure. do remmeber the Affco video being **BANNED** from being aired on "Radio with Pictures" around then though. Which of course made every prick desperate to see it


David Bowie: DEAD. Not sure why it's so surprising, maybe he was just so much larger than life that he just didnt seem like someone parsed to the dying equation. Somehow. Didnt consider myself a fan, then I look at my piles of records and hello, there's about 3 lp's by him and 3 ep's.

"Low" lp his high, iHomo


in a record store yesterday got to chatting with the old vendor bloke, he asks me how many recs I have, I say "about 3,000, too many, from here to here, blah blah, big brag, angry wife haha" and so on. Then I ask him how many he's got and he smiles like an insane cheshire cat and says "oh, about double this shop. About 40,000"

40 fucking thousand.

Thats not even counting the dozens of thousands in his fuckin record shop, all of which he also owns

That has to be at least 20 times as many as me and my poxy 3,000-odd take up a whole goddamn small room.

Slim 293

Nathan Sharpe (72)
in a record store yesterday got to chatting with the old vendor bloke, he asks me how many recs I have, I say "about 3,000, too many, from here to here, blah blah, big brag, angry wife haha" and so on. Then I ask him how many he's got and he smiles like an insane cheshire cat and says "oh, about double this shop. About 40,000"

3,000 is pretty good.......... I think my collection might only be half of that?

If I had the disposable income I had ten years ago I would probably need a shop too..............

The rate I was buying records between around 2003 - 2007........... good times.........

Australian record prices means I can only treat myself to one per month if I'm lucky.............

I think we now pay about triple the price of US retailers.


Phil Kearns (64)
3,000 is pretty good.... I think my collection might only be half of that?

If I had the disposable income I had ten years ago I would probably need a shop too......

The rate I was buying records between around 2003 - 2007..... good times...

Australian record prices means I can only treat myself to one per month if I'm lucky.....

I think we now pay about triple the price of US retailers.

You can thank our ridiculous parallel importation laws for that. Same for books. It shits me to tears.

Dismal Pillock

Steve Williams (59)
so bored i thought i'd type out my favourite 42 Doom Metal lp's

Genre'd from discogs. (odd how discogs don't recognise BLACK SABBATH as doom metal)

42 Sleep - Dopesmoker - most would have this higher but it's just too hectic for me
41 Goatsnake - Black Age Blues
40 WarHorse - As Heaven Turns To Ash... fairly forgettable tracks here.... but its such an arse-bludgeon I had to include it
39 Corrupted / Noothgrush -cookie monster vocals the deal breaker for Corrupted
38 Sunn O))) & Boris - Altar
37 Goatsnake - Trampled Under Hoof
36 Goatsnake - I + Dog Days
35 Boris - Amplifier Worship
34 Monolord - Vænir
33 Monolord - Empress Rising
32 Goatsnake / Burning Witch
31 Acid King - III
30 Acid King - Free / Down With The Crown - treacle fuzz sleepytime. Monotonous and boring. Just the way I like it
29 Electric Wizard - Come My Fanatics...
28 Torche - Restarter
26 Goatsnake - Flower Of Disease
26 Corrupted - Paso Inferior
25 Corrupted - Se Hace
24 Neurosis - Given To The Rising
23 Harvey Milk - s/t
22 Cavity - Supercollider
21 Neurosis - A Sun That Never Sets
20 Conan - Blood Eagle
19 Acid King - Busse Woods
18 Harvey Milk - The Singles
17 Torche - In Return
16 Harvey Milk - Life...The Best Game In Town
15 Earth - A Bureaucratic Desire For Extra-Capsular Extraction- heard their others arent too flash. But this is glory time monotony drudgeland
14 Torche - Meanderthal
13 Neurosis - Through Silver In Blood
12 Isis - SGNL>05 12"
11 Isis - Celestial
10 Conan - Monnos
9 Neurosis - Sovereign 12"
8 Electric Wizard - Dopethrone
7 Melvins - Lysol
6 Conan - Horseback Battle Hammer. faaaahhhhhhhk
5 Conan / Slomatics
4 Neurosis - Souls At Zero
3 Harvey Milk - Courtesy And Good Will Toward Men
2 Neurosis - Times Of Grace. my #1 from the day it came out in late 90's until about 2 years ago when...
1 Harvey Milk - A Small Turn Of Human Kindness. Perfection. The apogee of misery. The nadir of No. Sounds like one seamless track, the soundtrack to despair. Starts slow and stays slow. They take their sweet motherfucking time doing ANYTHING here. The music comes to them, they do not go to it. The great ones seem to have all the time in the world. Put this on with unwelcome guests over and they will NEVER come back. NOT for listening to in the company of others. Fuck em, you dont need them. You've got this.


Slim 293

Nathan Sharpe (72)
Sun O))) - Monoliths & Dimensions is my clear favourite, feat. some fine contributors in Eyvind Kang and Julian Priester, and recorded by my man Randall Dunn................

Earth - I much prefer the twangy reincarnate version of the group, particularly The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull (also recorded by RD).............

Slim 293

Nathan Sharpe (72)
so lp prices are outpacing Aus wages? I heard NZ is pretty nuts too, folks getting used to seeing NZ$49.95 lp's

New/reissue LP's are generally around AUS$30 - $40, and double LP's generally anywhere between $45-$60.............

The last time I was in the US (2012, when the AUS dollar reigned over the US), I came back with a suitcase worth of LP's.............

I recall picking up Swans The Seer 3LP for maybe $18?

Slim 293

Nathan Sharpe (72)
My latest purchase..........

The Group - The Feed-Back

The Group, otherwise known as Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza, was an improvisational collective of experimental composers featuring the one and only Ennio Morricone............

Morricone actually featured the group on a few of his film scores............

A number of record labels have been putting out their reissues lately (including the Australian label - Roundtable)..............

This record is quite CAN-like, featuring funky rhythm section topped off with a mixture of feedback, dissonant guitar lines, piano, screeching violin and horns.

Dismal Pillock

Steve Williams (59)
Eyvind Kang
made some mad stuff early on with the Secret Chiefs 3

SWANS, woah thats heavy. A heavy bludgeoning. I'm good for about 20 mins of my taped copy of "Public Castration is a Good Idea" then I cry off. Same with a couple old tapes I have here, the one with the rabbit on the front and "Body to Body, Job to Job". Ouch. Even too dismal for me