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New explorer

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Dave Beat

Paul McLean (56)
My computer recently update with the new explorer thing, now when I hit reply on the thread it does appear as [ quote ] what am I doing wrong?


Bob Loudon (25)
Just received from GF who is head of IT for an intl co.
"On another note, you may have heard about this in the news, a security flaw in all versions of Internet Explorer (IE version from 6 to 11) that could compromise your system if you are tricked into visiting a malicious site.

Until Microsoft can issue a patch, we have two short-term solutions:
1. Use another browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari are all fine)
2. Install the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit 4.1 on your computer (http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=41138) and accept the recommended settings.

Please install this mitigation tool on the laptop/PC in your company"

PS I only use Firefox and Chrome
Not open for further replies.