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Tip the 2018 AAGPS 1st XV Premiers

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Trevor Allan (34)

Life is better. Thanks Azzuri. Your tactics and my charm worked a treat.
What a glorious sight.... Dr Pavlov would be pleased that sight triggered the appropriate response!


Ron Walden (29)
Scots outstanding today, but standouts again 1. Patterson 5. Williams. 6. Wellington 7. Robson. 8. Harris, 9. Strang and 15 Mossman (3, possibly 4 tries)

rod skellet

Bob Davidson (42)
1st XV A Bell (N) W McLennan (I) N Wingrove (S) F Brown (K) Jeremy Williams (S) B Wellington (S) B Robson (S) W Harris (S) S Strang (S) C Savala (S) M Dutallis (I) D Easy (I) A Bell (I) J Sua'ali'i (K) J Mossman (S) 2nd XV H Patterson (S) J Heaven (J) A Holz (K) S Gillies (I) H Bokeham (J) S Schmidt (I) B Peper (K) J Ratcliff (N) L Albert (I) M Minogue (K) F Tricks (S) V Creagh (J) H MacSmith (K) L Scolari (J) J Connolly (K) GPS BLUE S Lock (K) N Zylstra (S) T Shanks-Anderson (J) E Cutler (J) D Foley (N) Jet Williams (J) O Mitchell (K) M Moore (I) H Cowan (E) D Vei (N) Jordan Williams (K) K Rugless (S) T Aveyard (S) B Zucchiatti (S) N Wilson (J) GPS WHITE N Jones (J) B Males (K) D Botha (S) S Cale (K) B Wilkins (E) T Gavin (S) H Crafter (E) B Brownie (E) N Murray (J) J Gibbs (J) D O’Brien (J) T Everleigh (J) G Clark (I) X Ryan (J) S Lewis (N)