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The Metre Eater

Ward Prentice (10)
Joker, my son tells me there were a few of the 16’s boys allowed to watch the 16A’s, but now that 2nds are on they’ve been given marching orders. I think it’s just 1st XV players in the stand now

Luca A

Frank Nicholson (4)
Meanwhile at Stanmore King's and Newington 2nds are 12-12 at oranges.

Newington are wearing a beautiful, collared hooped jersey. I assume this to celebrate the 150 anniversary of the first encounter between these two fine schools, which also marked the beginning of Sydney inter-school rugby.

Up the Guts

Andrew Slack (58)
Scots hold out Shore 21-15 on the scoreboard (but I thought it was 21-17). Shore on the attack in Scots 22 and are very dubiously penalised in my, albeit one sided, eyes.


Chris McKivat (8)

Is it me or are the joeys boys looking skinnier than in seasons past.

Whats their gym program like are they even in the gym this year because of COVID?

Regards, TDO.


Bob McCowan (2)
Can I ask a question of the readers. Is the quality of the teams and players much lower than last year‘s comp. As a Joeys parent this years side is much weaker than last years team. Same too from what I have seen of Scots, Newington and Kings.