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Ken Catchpole (46)


Ken Catchpole (46)
Throw back Thursday

1984 Rugby St Joseph's College Hunters Hill v St Ignatius College Riverview

It is incredible to see some of the old rules played, plus RUCKING!
There is also lots of old fashioned cheering from both schools.
The field looks in poor shape.

NOTE. The View 11 was a Joeys boy who repeated yr 12 at View. During the game he gets a whack from an old school mate who had also repeated but stayed at Joeys. Plus there was a fight between rival old boys as well. Good old days.


Balmain Subbies

Larry Dwyer (12)
Whilst TSC cannot win the comp this year, my snouts tell me that this year was essentially a rebuilding year, hence blooding so many year 11s for injuries. So I'll be a little quiet for the rest of this season with a focus of 2021! Sorry joker but I'm hoping Kings stops another Joey's threepeat


Larry Dwyer (12)
3rd XV Competition - Round 7 - Saturday 19 September

This would have been the final round of the 3rd XV comp, but there are still deferred Round 3 games to be played on Wednesday 23 September.

Last week's Round 6 results:

Grammar 28 d Riverview 5
Joeys 74 d High 6
Scots 12 d Shore 7
Kings 12 d Newington 10 (Reported by Quick Hands - Kings had the competition bye)

This week's games follow the 1st and 2nd XV fixtures (for a change):

Kings v Shore @ North Parramatta
Riverview v Scots @ Lane Cove
Grammar v High @ Rushcutters Bay
Joeys 3rds have the bye (Joeys 4ths are playing Newington 3rds at Hunters Hill)

Kings should be too strong at home against Shore.
Riverview v Scots will be a close game. I am leaning towards Riverview at home.
In the battle of the 1st XVs, Grammar should have little trouble defeating High to remain undefeated and set up a classic premiership match with undefeated Joeys at Rushcutters Bay the following Wednesday.

And you know who I will be tipping in that.

Its Not Pink


Ken Catchpole (46)
It has been a quiet week this week. How nice not to have bleating View boys annoying others thoughts. Nothing like a last-minute win to quiet a wolf pack. So, as I gaze into my crystal bowl (not ball, remember I live in the high-end food universe), let’s see what comes to the surface this week.

Kings v Shore
We all agree, that Kings will win. But what will this achieve? Firstly, it will be a training run for the cattlemen and I am sure there will be several spots taken by the Kings 2nd XV players to give the larger of the breed a much-needed breather. Kings are in the box seat really. First, they swat aside Shore before taking on the cattle dogs of Hunters Hill. But is there down side to this? I say there is. Take Joeys v Shore this year. Joeys racked a cricket score and did so with plenty of the 2nds running out the remaining 15 minutes of the match. Result? Well a week later the Joeys 1st XV put in their worst performance to date against an incredible View side. Yes, I can hear the View boys bleating, "we wuz robbed", but the Joeys boys only put together 15 phases without dropping the ball in the final minutes of the game. In the previous 69 minutes, they fumbled and stumbled and blew their own chances down. They played like strangers at times. An old adage goes that if you play an easy team one week, you tend to create bad habits while winning easy. View never gave the Joeys those chances again, just like Shore did. It took a small piece of Marian magic to rescue the Marist Armada from the fire ships of destruction. Kings should be wary of this phenomenon. Kings by 40.



Ken Catchpole (46)
View v Scots
Oh my, this will be intriguing. View played themselves to a standstill. Watch the final whistle and then count the lads laying on the ground afterwards. They had nothing left to give. They were spent. Scots, mind you, had a tougher than expected game against the Shoremen and won, BUT again the Shoremen exposed a little more of the mysteries of the Death Star to the wider world. Scots are rebuilding we are reliably told by Rob, and so one could say that View will take this game. Two trains of thought though. View punched themselves silly so will they have another effort in them to take on Scots? I say they could as they are playing at the wolf den in front of raucous 2nd XV crowd (funny how it one call last week to see all the other supporters cleaned out). View, like the Marist cousins, gain enormous strength from their traveling supporters on the sidelines. View supporters are the wildest loons in the AAGPS and are not be trifled with. Scots not so much. Mercifully, we have not heard one bleating bloody bagpipe this season and not one long tunnel with banners flying. Would this be Scots secret weapon? I am tipping the wolf pack at home to be just a bit too strong. View by 3.



Ken Catchpole (46)
Joeys v Newington
Joeys game against View had me wondering, had Joeys changed coaches at half time? Was that Mr Houdini taking the team? Did Joeys deserve to win that game? No, not really. They were rubbish and View were incredible. A draw at best, but really, Joeys were their own worst enemy. This week I am sure there have been stern words in staff room and plenty of soul searching among the boys. News has reached me that the training paddock has been lighter due to the tough game the week before. The coaches as well, have been hard at work I'm sure with the Cluch replays watching how Newington were able to breech the Kings steel ring of defense. Those who watched tell me that Newington played an outstanding game against Kings as predicted. What they did though will favor Joeys in two ways. ONE. They too will be sore from the game, hence like Joeys, maybe resting some players (Any news on O'Kane BTW?) and could be weaker than expected. TWO. Like a souffle, which I learned about when studying at the École Ducasse, you only get one chance with it to make it rise. I believe that Newington may be such a dish. They rose once, it was grand, sweet and delight to behold, but will they find the energy to do it again? Weather will play a factor. The Wookies, love heavier conditions, but they are not playing at Johnson. They are playing on the best surface in Sydney. Joeys by 12.


The Grail

Herbert Moran (7)
Predictions for tomorrows run on the paddock;

Kings are a strong side this year and will overcome a valiant Shore side, probably by more than 21.

Riverview have some very talented players and plenty of depth, unfortunately they are hitting their stride late in the season. I predict View will overcome the Highlanders by at least 12.

Speaking of depth, the HH Boys will be too strong for the boys waring black and white from Stanmore tomorrow. Joeys by 21+

In the 3rds;

Shore over a surprised Kings by 6
Riverview to defeat Scots by 10
Grammar to tutor High in successful rugby strategy; SGS by 21+
Pink and Blue will be well rested for next Wednesday at Rushcutters's Bay, which is not great for the SGS boys.

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